first promising success against Storhamar

On stage in Denmark since Saturday, the Dragonnes played, this Thursday, their very first preparation match against the players of Storhamar, vice-champions of Norway in title. In the Viborg hall, Emmanuel Mayonnade’s players played a serious game against one of their future opponents in the Champions League (it will be September 11 in Nancy), winning quite comfortably (35-32) . The Messin coach was able to appreciate the rapid integration of his recruits, who all gave a glimpse of their potential. We think first of all of Kristina Jorgensen, the Danish center half, who proved to be effective offensively, distributing the game with great ease and clairvoyance. Russian back Valeriaa Maslova has also sown great promise, her impressive left arm should unlock a lot of situations this season. Finally, the “surprise” rookie from the Metz off-season, pivot Noémie Barthélémy, was also to his advantage with maximum success in his attempts.

Facing Odense this Friday

Already in front at the break (18-15), in the wake of an imperial Bruna de Paula – she scored the last three Metz goals before half-time -, the Dragonnes kept and even accumulated their gap during the second act counting up to five goals in advance (24-19, 41st) following a lightning counter-attack from Chloé Valentini, perfectly served by Jorgensen.

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But the Norwegians didn’t give up, no doubt also taking advantage of the many changes obtained by the Messin staff during this period of preparation, to slightly recall the score at the very end of the end of the match (final score 35-32). The Dragonnes will not have time to savor this first success since they will follow up with a second match this Friday against Odense, another team used to the Champions League.

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