Fleury Loiret Handball: who wants the skin of the Panthers?

“Dramatic, catastrophic, horrible situation…”, the alarming adjectives during the press conference, this Wednesday, of the president of Fleury Handball, Sabine Guillien Heinrich, were not lacking when describing the difficulties encountered by the Panthers following the about-face of the Metropolitan Council. The club until Friday, November 25 to find 200,000 €. Otherwise it will be bankruptcy filing.

By Mael Petit

The president of Fleury Handball (in white) expressed her support for the players and the management of the club, before cutting short her speech, overwhelmed by emotions.

It is no longer €100,000 but €200,000 euros that Fleury handball must find to save the club. Sabine Guillien Heinrich did not go there by four paths. It must be said that now time is running out. The reversal of the Metropolis forced the Department and the Region to withdraw their subsidy, which doubles the note.

Presentation ” dishonest “ of the Metropolis

The club recalled that its recovery plan had been validated by the CNCGthe financial policeman of handball clubs, which left only the validation of the subsidy from the metropolis to move forward. Serge Grouard who chaired the meeting of November 17 lasthad manifested a reading other than that of the CNCGbut competent in the matter, qualifying the payment of this subsidy as ” lost funds “. The management control commission had moreover “does its job by relegating Fleury this yearrecalls the president of the Women’s Handball League Nodjialem Myaro, a lot of against truths were said, motivated by political issues. And when it’s too political, it becomes destructive.”. The president of the League did not mince words when discussing the management of the metropolis, denouncing “false and dishonest statements” when submitting the case. “Even I voted against after this presentation made to the council”bids a Sabine Guillien Heinrich distraught.

Unkept promises

Resentment is all the more tenacious as the metropolis had nevertheless assured its support for the various parties, in particular in a letter from the President of Orléans Métropole in person. “The payment of these €100,000 was rejected in an organized manner, presented in such a way that the vote was contrary to the commitments made”enrages Carole Canette, mayor of Fleury-les-Aubrais. She, who was present at the session of November 17, has no doubt about the motivations for this turnaround: “We are dealing with the whims of people who only want Orleans sport. They wanted to clear the ground, knock out the others”she asserts. The mayor of Fleury sees the subsidies granted to men’s basketball and football clubs in Orléans as proof of this, while the city could make its volleyball club the new showcase for women’s sport in the department. The panthers pay the price, and as the saying goes Nodjialem Myaro, “not sure that we come to such a situation if it did not concern a women’s section or even handball”.

“No relationship with Serge Grouard”Statement by President Sabine Guillien Heinrich

We add these two closer than that. During the campaign for the municipal elections of 2020, Serge Grouard had distributed 80,000 masks obtained via the Association of Mayors of France (AML) thanks to corporate donations. Among them, Engie, whose regional delegate is none other than Sabine Guillien, who confirms that she has actually made a sponsorship donation. If the person concerned says that she has no relationship with the mayor of Orléans, it should be noted that Serge Grouard had therefore provided assistance from Engie during his campaign. Ironically, today she is denied the €100,000 grant that allows her club to survive.

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Response from Orléans Métropole

The remarks made by the mayor of Fleury Carole Canette during the press conference did not please the president of the Metropolis. In a press release sent on the evening of November 23, he denounces “the outrageous and totally false words” spoken earlier in the day. In addition, the metropolis specifies that the elected official has ” systematically opposed to the proposals of Serge Grouard “, to know :

  • The return of the Métropole club to the commune of Fleury-les-Aubrais by recovering the €100,000 annual subsidy for its benefit
  • The signature of a partnership between the municipalities of Fleury and Orléans with a commitment from the two municipalities on additional funding for the club

Every day has its piece in the jukebox of controversy in a case that has exposed serious malfunctions in the Orleans metropolis… but that’s nothing new!

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