Florence Sauval (HBCAM 63 coach): “Six weeks is the time needed to prepare a group”

Florence Sauval took the lead. The hand on the construction of a group and on the preparation program for HBCAM 63. The Volcaniques coach has thus counted on six weeks of summer preparation with in particular an internship and several oppositions, before the resumption of the Women’s Division 2 championship. , September 3, with the reception of Achenheim.

The program of preparation matches

The HBCAM 63 will play several preparatory matches: on August 13, HBCAM 63-Noisy at the Fleury gymnasium (curtain raiser before the meeting of the Starligue Limoges-Chambéry teams). August 17, Bourg-de-Péage-HBCAM 63. August 19, Mérignac-HBCAM 63. August 20, Pessac-HBCAM 63. August 26 and 27, Volcanic Tournament against Bègles and Vaulx-en-Velin.

Florence, you resumed ten days ago. Where are you ?

“We started a lot of work on the track, bodybuilding and also a little handball to regain contact with the ball. We have three first weeks really activated on the physical preparation and we will examine the game project during the next two weeks to already have some foundations. Six weeks is the time needed to prepare a group with first three weeks of physical work before emphasizing the handball aspect”.After initial testing at the Maison des Sports, the Volcaniques kicked into high gear. Photo Francois Campagnoni

What do you expect from the sessions on the track?

“We went through this work because I think the players need it. It is also an entity, knowing how to win your place, working on the mind and cohesion, solidarity, progressing together. Handball has to be earned and that goes through this track work. We went through this phase and the girls are working well. Some are in good shape and others have to go up as the preparation progresses”.

Important work on the track

Léo Chabanis, the new physical trainer of HBCAM 63, talks about the work done during this summer phase. “The track is fundamental work to recover as much basic endurance as possible. This is the foundation of athletic work and the athlete that players should be. We have long sequences but not very intense and the closer we get to handball the more we will go towards shorter distances and an intensity which will increase. We start from endurance to go towards speed. The bodybuilding work is adapted to the profiles and results of the initial tests. During the preparation period, we are there every morning: Monday, Wednesday and Friday it’s track time; Tuesday and Thursday is bodybuilding. In the regular season, it will be specific work.

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Enter the game project

Does this internship in Saint-Flour also allow you to get into the game project?

“We take the opportunity to discuss and start on the foundations so that everyone can integrate the game project. We will work on the implementation, find the right defensive joints. We will use experiences and Charlotte Kieffer (our picture) a very beautiful high-level culture. His strong point is in this sector and we will rely on his experience and his skills. On several joints.

The objective is to be much faster in defensive sequences and in the open space, to have much more percussion. With the players arriving and the experience of the group, we can go a little higher.

There is also the offensive project. We will keep certain foundations and also have it evaluated so that everyone can express their skills. The objective is to use everyone, to last over time and above all to maintain the players concerned throughout a match. I will probably change the way I manage the car, I have good equipment. It’s up to me to use the players well.

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Precisely, a word on the players who have just arrived?

“I can only be satisfied with the recruitment. On a group rich in skills, complementary players in each position. The group has been maintained and enriched by defensive and offensive skills, players who know each other. For a trainer, it is the choice of the king… or the queen”.

Does it change a lot of things for you?

“Today, I have twenty players who will be able to train together at the beginning of the week before it skims off as the competition approaches. But the season is going to be long and they will have to stay alert to be concerned at all times.

Throughout the season, there will also be a red thread to individualize the work. Some need more cardio or focus on strength training, while for others it’s more balanced. This will punctuate the season with the objective of making the girls stronger so that the collective is stronger”.

Jean-Francois Nunez


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