Fontaine-le-Comte discovers the Regional 2 by a defeat

Fontaine-le-Comte started its discovery of the second regional level by losing against Dompierre (0-3) on Sunday September 18, 2022.

Despite the defeat (0-3) against another promoted, Dompierre Sainte-Soulle, the club of president Sylvestre Baranger, absent for medical reasons, experienced a ” great time In the words of his coach, for the first time in his history within the second regional level.

Afterwards, it is certain that we would have hoped for a better outcome “, However, tempered Guillaume Favrelière after a rather soporific match in the first half, and more unbridled in the second, all on a dry and largely damaged lawn. It is first following a but against his camp of Jamonneau (55e) that the premises were punished for the opposing domination, before the flat foot of Bezagu (66e) does not make the break. Da Silveira Ribeiro’s penalty (0-3, 84e) was then only anecdotal. A difficult introduction therefore, but which in no way undermines the coach’s confidence: ” Last year, we went up when we had lost our first two matches. We have a lot of room for improvement, I’m not worried. “Especially since the former member of the league was analyzing the extent of the milestone he was going to have to cross this season, while being satisfied with the preparation of his group:” What changes between R2 and R3 may be the density. We prepared knowing that it would be harder. There are good teams in R3, but the pressure varies over the duration of a match. There, we will find more regular teams, we saw it with Dompierre which started in a fairly homogeneous way and which increased in power, without experiencing any air pocket. »

Pleasure as a key word

Among the Fontenois, the rise has not changed mentalities, quite the contrary. Here is a nice point in common with their opponent of the day, promoted for the third consecutive season (from D2 to R2): “ It’s really a bunch of friends who have been playing together for years, and the rise hasn’t changed anything in terms of the atmosphere in the club. We are a small family club commented coach Elie Girard. Ditto for Guillaume Favrelière: “ The climb didn’t change much in the sense that the goal is still fun, but around competition. “And to finally recognize:” It was necessary, despite everything, to structure itself by recruiting players but also by expanding the staff. “Hoping that all this will take shape in two weeks on the ground of Charente Limousine.

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