Football: 20% of the population of the municipality of Soulages-Bonneval plays in the jersey of the local club

After climbing two levels in two seasons to find themselves today in Departmental 2, the club from Nord-Aveyron continues to progress. Thus, currently, 20% of its population plays under the jersey of the local association!

With more than 50 senior licensees and around 250 inhabitants in the municipality, Soulages-Bonneval denote. In effect, one in five inhabitants plays football here. Choose rare, especially in the current period. If some stick out their tongues, this is not the case for the small town near Laguiole, its bull and its roar of the stag.

One in five inhabitants plays football here

We had left them almost two years ago and an elimination in the 4th round of the Coupe de France, one autumn evening against Vic-Fezensac (0-2). All after having eliminated, in Petit Poucet grandiose, three formations of R3 successively. This team of friends from all generations played in D4 and this adventure with lady cut gave them ideas and momentum.

“The regulations are heavy for us”

We managed to go up twice consecutively even if this season we suppose had to be evaluated in D3 because we had finished 2nd in the championship. And then we got drafted“, details the former president, still player in reserve and referee, Jean-Louis Orlhac. The other side of the coin was that the “small” village club had to update itself with the different regulations. “We were forced to make an agreement with Viadène at the youth level to be covered, without them nothing would have been possible. We also had to find a second referee. And we still lack the qualified educator who will soon arrive. It’s still heavy for small clubs like us“, adds Orlhac, on the sidelines of training.

A session on Wednesday evening at 8 p.m., followed by the traditional snack, concocted by coach Roger Cervantes, and by around fifty passionate footballers who respond every week. For the field or the bowl? We won’t know. Last Wednesday evening, in any case, it was wild boar-pasta stew on the menu. “It is certain that the Cup has given us wings for the rest of our journey. Last season, we had a great comeback phase, going from 8th place to 2nd. I am convinced that my team has the level and will annoy more than one. You will have to come here in the winter “, coach laughs the experience.

Training then conviviality

This season, the Soulageois repeated their performance in the first round of the Coupe de France by eliminating Salles-Curan-Curan on penalties before being eliminated by the Lozériens de Chanac. The opportunity also to inaugurate their new clubhouse after the work carried out this summer. “We managed to retype everything at our expense, each in his branch“says Cervantes. Defeated at home during the first day by La Canourgue (1-4), his men raised their heads last Saturday by going to glean a precious point from the reserve of the OAF (1-1). meter now unlocked, the guys from North Aveyron will be able to break free.

From 17 to 65, there is no age to play

Besides, last Wednesday, training ends and it’s time to sit down to eat. “I am 65 years old and I sometimes help out with the reserve“, says his technician, Guy Charbonnier, imitated by one of his acolytes: “I do trail running, I run three or four times a week, I’m 59 years old. It helps me keep myself in shape.“In Soulages-Bonneval, from 17 to 65 years old, there is no age to share the passion, the land and the snack.

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