Football club Vatan seeks its place in the shadow of Olympique Alès in the Cévennes

The second football club of Alès aims to move up a division each year.

Created in the midst of a pandemic in 2020, the football club FC Vatan (homeland in Turkish), had a first white season. The president, Haci Meral and the club secretary, Bulent Sayili, continued to believe in their project. “We started from zero, in D4. And we managed to go up to D3 at the end of the last season. It’s not bad for our real first year of existence.”

An ambitious football academy project

Passionate about sport in general and football in particular, the two entrepreneurs of Turkish origin have joined the services of Alésien trainer Mathieu Renucci, himself from the construction industry. “We started from the observation that many young people could not continue football after the youth teams. Either they go elsewhere or they stop. We would like to become an attractive club by bringing up the flag team each year. We hopes to attract young people from the surrounding area.”

The club already has 64 members after only two years of existence. “This year, we are ambitious, warns Bulent Sayili. We recruited well and we put together a big team. Ultimately, we would like to create a football academy to do detection.”

The club originates from the Cauvel district. “We are only at the beginning of the project, explains the coach who officiated at the OAC, Saint-Christol… We would like to set up a football school, something structured with qualified coaches.”

With the OAC, FC Vatan is now the other club in the city. “Our youngsters have not yet been fielded in competition, but we already have a reserve team. With Abdel Jeghbi, we have a quality coach.”

This new club is eyeing the neighborhoods and wants to give itself a social dimension. Samir Benhamida, head of the association for integration through sport, Sport’Éduc, believes in the project. “We’re going to see how we can work together. The club can fit into City policy arrangements. For the moment, everything is carried out by the club’s executives, because the structure has no help. “

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