Football – Coupe de France: after the incidents between Saint-Estève and Hyères, Mourad Boudjellal files a complaint against USEP and its president

At the end of the Coupe de France match on Sunday (1-1, qualification of Hyères on penalties), the spectators invaded the lawn. The Var club and its president have decided to file a complaint both against the club, but also against its president, Ronnie Chaine, whom he accuses of racist remarks.

The extra-sporting soap opera between Hyères and Saint-Estève is therefore not over. a week, the two clubs compete around the 8th round of the Coupe de France, which took place on Sunday and which saw the Var club (N2) win, with difficulty, against USEP MM Saint-Estève ( R1) on penalties.

Last week, before the meeting, Hyères, the club of Mourad Boudjellal, had disputed the place of the meeting, and won its case with the French Football Federation. Considering the ground of Saint-Estève in poor condition, Hyères obtained the right to play at the Jean-Laffon stadium in Perpignan. A change that crunched the Catalan leaders, who found this decision unfair.

The remarks of the president of Saint-Estève considered racist

On the sidelines of the meeting, some Catalan supporters invaded the lawn, passing over the fence of the stadium. A situation that has no more at all in the Var. The club also announced on its Facebook page on Monday that it was going to file a complaint. “Serious incidents took place at the end of the match with an invasion of the lawn by individuals close to the club and the leaders (volunteers) came to do battle with our players, is it assured in a press release. The club filmed the entire scene and will send a copy to the FFF shortly. Filing of a complaint will be made, the leaders of Saint-Estève will be asked for the security measures that were taken other than volunteer security agents for a match that a President had sought to degenerate all week.

Mourad Boudjellal, president of Hyères, has also decided to lodge a complaint against Ronnie Chaine, the counterpart son of Saint-Estève, for “racist proposals”. After being received last week by the FFF, the Catalan president sent a tackle to his counterpart. “Friend Mourad with the very sweet melon, we wish you a good evening while you wait, but you still advise you to fill up the bus, download a podcast from the Grandes Gueules, type Stade des Aloes in Waze, and change your advice in clowning, he wrote in a press release. See you Sunday for the cargo, may the best win.”

“Failing to put the Aloes stadium on my Waze, I will put the city of Nantes for the draw for the 32nd finals and for lack of listening to the Grandes Gueules, I will link the procedure to propose racist towards the President of Saint -Esteve, responds Boudjellal. Regarding the racist remarks and the metaphor with a melon, a legal follow-up will be given. »

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