Football: detection of young talents from Reunion is controversial

This weekend, a detection of young footballers from Reunion is organized by a sports agency in the Indian Ocean, in the Domenjod district of Saint-Denis. An event that has not received the approval of the Reunionese Football League. The organizer denies it.

A few days, 90 young footballers from all over the island can show their skills while hoping to join a professional training center or go on trial.

This sports structure has been detecting high-potential football players since the end of July. The objective is to enable young people from Reunionto express their potential to club recruiters and professionals who have traveled from France to Reunion Island” says Houssalam Houdjati, the agency’s FIFA player agent. “This is the first time we’ve organized this. What is huge is having several recruiters in the same place and at the same time. It multiplies the chances. Today as recruiters, we have the Reims stadium, the head of the Valenciennes recruitment unit, one of the recruiters for the Paris FC club…”

Before the movement of these external recruiters this Saturday, a first detection had taken place on July 30 and 31. The first two days, the detection was done by local recruiters in order to “filter as much as possible and keep only the good elements that will take part in the second phase of detection” says the agency. This weekend, this is the second phase of detection.

Talent detection in the Domenjod district of Saint-Denis

©Geraldine Blandin

But this detection was sensitive”a controversy that has no place with the Reunionese Football League” thus details Houssalam Houdjati. According to him, “the League was the first organization contacted to inform them of the realization of this project. She never responded to our various calls, emails and messages. Today, she qualifies our detection as illegal based on a regulation that does not concern us” he defends. The company claims “act legally since I have my ‘FIFA Player agent’ license. The structure is registered in the commercial court register..

For his part, Yves Ethève, president of the Reunionese Football League, says that “it is totally illegal. Where is their charter? There were no requests. We know the music. They come to benefit from the work of our clubs. We are tired of seeing things like this”. The president of the League also specifies that they will file a complaint. “Everything is on the way. We will apply the regulations of the French Football Federation, the League, UEFA”.

The report of Réunion La 1ère:

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