Football: discover the ratings of Rodez players in the next FIFA 23 game

The ratings of the players in the next installment of the game FIFA are now known, we consider together the evaluation of the workforce of Rodez.

The 30th installment of the famous football video game FIFA will be released on September 30, 2022 on consoles and PC, but we already know a lot about its content … including the ratings given to players.

If we already knew who will be the best in the game, the Paris-Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbappe in the lead with a score of 91, the evaluations of the other teams have been communicated. We then take a look at the notes of the players of Rodez Football.

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The full strength of the Raf

He’s the captain of the team, Remy Boissierwhich is likely to be your best asset once you have the controller in hand: the defensive midfielder has an overall rating of 70. This is equivalent to an average player in FIFA parlance, a rating often awarded in lower division clubs such as Ligue 2.

Here are the notes from the whole team:

  • Rémy Boissier (defensive midfielder): 70
  • Lionel Mpasi (goalkeeper): 66
  • Sebastien Cibois (goalkeeper): 66
  • Bradley Danger (defender): 66
  • Eric Vandenabeele (defender): 66
  • Florian David (striker): 65
  • Lorenzo Rajot (middle): 65
  • Lucas Buades (midfielder): 65
  • Joris Chougrani (defender): 65
  • Nassim Ouammou (middle): 65
  • Clement Depres (striker): 64
  • Abdel Hakim Abdallah (defender): 64
  • Joseph Mendes (striker): 63
  • Serge-Philippe Raux-Yao (defender): 63
  • Antoine Valerio (middle): 63
  • Loris Mouyokolo (defender): 63
  • Killian Corredor (forward): 62
  • Grégory Coelho (defender): 62
  • Marvin Senaya (defender): 62
  • Amiran Sanaia (defender): 61
  • Kevin Boma (defender): 60
  • Thomas Secchi (goalkeeper): 58
  • Plamedi Buni Jorge (midfielder): 57

The FIFA 22 game had crushed the sales of its previous opus with 1.6 million copies sold (March 2022 figures). A good result boosted by the periods of confinement during the Covid-19 epidemic. It remains to be seen whether the 2023 edition will be able to revamp the formula and convince football fans… and perhaps Ruthenian supporters?

Silver and bronze in Rodez

One of the most popular game modes in FIFA game, FUT mode also classifies players into three categories: gold, silver and bronze.

Here are Rodez’s silver players: Rémy Boissier, Lionel Mpasi, Sébastien Cibois, Bradley Danger, Eric Vandenabeele, Florian David, Lorenzo Rajot, Lucas Buades, Joris Chougrani and Nassim Ouammou.

Here are the bronze players: Clément Depres, Clément Depres, Abdel Hakim Abdallah, Joseph Mendes, Serge-Philippe Raux-Yao, Antoine Valerio, Loris Mouyokolo, Killian Corredor, Grégory Coelho, Marvin Senaya, Amiran Sanaia, Kévin Boma, Thomas Secchi and Plamedi Buni Jorge.

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