Football: FC Sète forced, once again, to achieve a feat

The men of Nicolas Le Bellec move on the lawn of the Auxerre reserve, this Saturday November 26 at 3 p.m.

The situation of FC Sète is complicated and it is not said that it will get better this Saturday. The trip offered to them for this eleventh day of National 2 is indeed not, on paper, conducive to tourism.

Nicolas Le Bellec’s men are preparing to face the Auxerre reserve, who are currently in third position with one game more. The Burgundians now have a record of five wins, three draws and two defeats. And they remain on two straight wins for five goals scored.

Hope for a recovery

Suffice to say that the daily newspapers are not the same between the two adversaries. The “Vert et blanc”, last two points behind Aubagne but also with one more game, have recorded a draw and seven defeats in the last eight meetings. In ten days, they scored seven goals (remember that the Auxerrois scored five in the last two days?) And conceded twenty.

We will have to believe, once again, that a feat is possible. Because, even if behind the scenes the situation seems to be on the verge of unblocking (a meeting between an Emirati investor and the town hall would have taken place this Monday), it will still be necessary to wait until December to consider a takeover of the club and, consequently, the creation of a Sasp (professional sports limited company). We just have to hope that, if that happens, the delay granted is not prohibitive.

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