Football: Fernand Wengert, dean of Aveyron footballers at 68, puts on cleats this season

At 68, Fernand Wengert is the oldest player in the Aveyron district. Manager and midfielder of the Bassin III team, he is ready for a new season.

“I wanted to stop playing this year but I think that given the workforce, we will still have to help out on the ground and put on our crampons on Sunday.“, send input Fernand Wenger. The original Moselle has arrived in Aveyron a little over a year ago and immediately adapted to life in the mining area. “I lived in the Gard and my son bought a house in Viviez. He offered to follow him, so I said “why not”. And now I’m very happy to be around“, does not hide the sexagenarian in great shape, dean of the players in Aveyron at 68 years old.

“We take ten, fifteen, but that’s not a problem”

A passage to see the women train one evening, a discussion with a member of the staff and the case was closed. The former Gardois took part in team III of the JSBA. “The goal is really to have fun. My son had not played for fifteen years, he also took over to please me and that we play together from time to time.

“I don’t miss training on Thursdays”

And even if the results are not there, the merry band meets every Thursday for training and on weekends for matches in a good atmosphere. “I don’t miss a training on Thursday”he says, not without pride.

Level results, the score does not concern us, sometimes we take ten, fifteen but it’s not a problem. I also have five disabled players. They come to feast with us. They tell me that I am their favorite coach. The main thing is to share our passion, our time and have a good time. I always have a note for my team at the end of the game. I tell them that I am proud of them, to be with them. Also that we must continue to persevere and, week after week, we progress“, testifies with emotion the coach-player now Aveyronnais.

The lowest level in the neighborhood

Ready for a new season in D5, the lowest level in the district, the recovery took place on Sunday with the reception of Sainte-Croix, for a 1-13 loss. Far from the glitter and the competitive side, Fernand Wengert finds his pleasure in accompanying his team every Sunday in the stadiums of the department with the sole ambition that his players go home happy having had a good time. This is also football.

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