Football: for Pierre Micheau, “the objective in Aude is to reach 10,000 licensees”

Pierre Micheau, the president of the Aude football district, sweeps up the football news in the department as the football season has just started.

A new season is starting, how does it look?

On the hats of wheels! First with the Coupe de France. Four Aude clubs are still in the running: Gruissan, Conques, FA Carcassonne and FU Narbonne. We hope for a great epic, but already, congratulations to all the local clubs who have distinguished themselves. And then, let’s go for the adults: the Occitanie cup, the Lopez Best cup, the D1 Profilex… without forgetting the women’s, one of our priorities. Young people also rule the way to the stadium in all categories with in particular the return to U7-U9-U11 football which will bring together hundreds of teams.

What are the goals for this new season?

Advance on the construction of the new headquarters: financing plan to be found and built; reach 10,000 members: thanks to our dynamism, but above all to the enormous work of the clubs in the department. We will perhaps have the boost of a good course for the Blues at the World Cup. In any case, the first returns from the clubs go in the direction of an influx of young footballers, we are delighted and we support the clubs through training of educators or direct aid in equipment. To interest children in our sport, we will work hard with schools: a priority for this new season. We are also developing new practices: futsal in particular, which takes on a new dimension in seniors but also in young people. We support this dynamic in action.

After Narbonne, the cup finals are played in Carcassonne

Have new people joined the Aude district?

Yes, two. Frédéric Baudin, the new DAP, who will bring us all his experience: a great recruit. And Kévin Frouté who, as an apprentice, joined a quality team already in place: Sandrine, Cédric, Damien and Maxime. An experienced team for our clubs and licensees. The team of elected officials is renewed: some leave us after a great experience, but being on the steering committee or in commissions requires a lot of personal investment, it is not always easy. A big thank you to those who have come a long way for the recovery of the Aude foot, and welcome to all those, men and women, who join us and will now be part of this great adventure. It is a question, after having rebuilt the foundations, of making further progress and henceforth of profiting from our successes.

What difficulties do you encounter?

Unfortunately, a lot of land suffered from the drought. We support clubs with municipalities. It’s a thorny issue, but the neighborhood is and always will be on their side. In general, we try to be as close as possible to the clubs, because there are legitimately a lot of expectations. I take this opportunity to thank Pascal Riou who participates in this local work.

What are the prospects?

As a climax, I can already announce that the general meeting at the end of the season and the cup finals will take place at the Albert-Domec stadium in Carcassonne. After the Parc des Sports et de l’Amitié in Narbonne last year, this will also be a great first. A big thank you to these municipalities, which allow us to organize great festive days worthy of the investment of all the players in Aude football.

A conclusion ?

Yes, very good news! There are more referees this year. We can only congratulate ourselves on the work of the CDA (Departmental Arbitration Commission), masterfully led by Frédéric Bouillère and Thierry Lesvigne.

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