Football: for Yoann Riou, “it’s an event to comment on Rodez”

On August 4, two days before the Rodez-Bordeaux match, L’Equipe journalist Yoann Riou came to discover the Ruthenian club in his spare time. Son Program? Follow-up of morning training at Vabre, interviews with players and members of the Raf organization chart, visit of Paul-Lignon etc. He confides in this “incredible day” spent in Aveyron.

Why did you decide to come to Rodez this Thursday… on your day off?

At the start of the season, I am commenting on matches on L’Equipe with Pierre Bouby. Me, I don’t really know Ligue 2, in the sense that I had very little to work on this championship. I did a bit of multiplexing last season, but I mostly commented on Guingamp.

We comment on a great match on Saturday, Rodez-Bordeaux. I had never been to Aveyron before and I had never dealt with Raf as a journalist. I called Benjamin (Guillermin, communication manager, Editor’s note) three or four days ago and told him “I’m sure there are fantastic stories in Rodez, you fight every year to maintain yourself, it’s beautiful.” It’s Ligue 2 that I like. So to have good things to tell, I decided to go on my own.

Who did you meet during your visit to Rodez?

I had four individual interviews with Joris Chougrani, Joseph Mendes, Killian Corredor and Amiran Sanaia. These are people with life journeys that are great to tell viewers about. Saturday, at 7:15 p.m., if there is a Corredor center for Mendes, I would have things to say about him, which I did not read left to right, but which he told me. They told me lots of bits of life, and that’s what I like. These players are amazing. I learned a lot from Rodez.

These exchanges make it possible to better understand a club.

After practice, we went to lunch. There was Grégory Ursule. Laurent Peyrelade came after. He told me about his career, his few minutes played in the Champions League semi-final against the great Juventus in 1996. He spoke to me at length about tactics, his players, how he works, how he coaches … These exchanges make it possible to better understand a club.

You comment on the matches in the cabin from Paris, so it’s also important for you to come to the field…

Yes. I didn’t know Rodez at all, I didn’t really know the club. I had heard of the feat in the Coupe de France in 1991, when Rodez lost in the semi-final against Marseille at the Vélodrome. At the time, it was wonderful to follow that on the transistor. It was awesome.

We are going to tell a very special atmosphere at Paul-Lignon, with 1750 people in the stadium. There will be a few Bordelais. I find it difficult to comment in the cabin on an atmosphere that you don’t know. There, I went around the stadium, I went to the locker room, on the lawn, in the stands. I really know what I’m going to talk about. I know what Paul-Lignon is now. I think it’s important to go out into the field.

Rodez is a club that deserves the light.

Is it also important for you to promote small clubs?

Absolutely. We are here to highlight all these magnificent clubs, like the Raf. Rodez is a club that deserves the spotlight, that deserves to be highlighted. They do an amazing job. They fight every year, it’s wonderful. They have small means, and for me they are overperforming. As an enthusiast, of course it’s an event to comment on Bordeaux, but for me, it’s also an event to comment on Rodez.

It’s magnificent Neymar, Mbappé, Manchester City, of course. But what I love is that there are different footballs that coexist, and that’s what’s wonderful.

I have the feeling of knowing Rodez so much better, and of already loving this club.

What do you remember from this day in Rodez?

I remember that it is a club that adorably opened the doors to me. I spent an incredible day at the heart of the Ligue 2 that we love.

I returned to Paris, and I have the feeling of knowing Rodez so much better, and of already loving this club.

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