Football: from Onet to Saint-Julien-de-Rodelle, fun at all costs with father and son money

Jean-Louis Fric, former president of the Onet club from 2008 to 2016 and still a leader, passed on the fiber to his son Grégory, new co-president of Saint-Julien-de-Rodelle, the small village from which they come. Lighting.

JI always had the licenses of leaders in the two clubs (Onet and Saint-Julien)”, immediately launches “Loulou”, as he is affectionately nicknamed by his friends of the foot. Arrived in the castonétoise association at the beginning of the 90s to accompany his son Grégory, Jean-Louis Fric is a regular on Saturday evening matches for the pennant team at home, either with the grill-and-chip cook’s apron, or with the delegate’s armband.

He who had taken over the reins of the Castonétois club after the illustrious Guy Bousquié, in 2008.I took my sons to football school, Grégory then Alexis, I became an educator, leaders, president and then new leaders. I even coached the III “smiles the 67-year-old retiree who, when he is not with Onet on Sundays, makes himself available to the people of Rodello.” The foot is pleasure above all. Whether in Onet or Saint-Julien, the goal is to meet up with friends, have a beer and have a bite to eat after the game. It’s a second family. The day when I will no longer take pleasure, I will stay at home quiet on the deckchair or the sofa “, he asserts, admitting to worrying about the future of clubs and volunteers.

A fiber transmitted naturally to its two threads. And even if the youngest, Alexis, no longer exercises. The eldest “Greg” never gave up on his passion. After having had a few DH meetings with the yellow and blue flag team, the former midfielder first played three seasons at Druelle, before returning to defend the colors of the small town at the gates of Bozouls. It was also an opportunity to make a change of life by taking over the family farm in the village of Saint-Julien and starting an organic market gardener.

Gregory Fric: “Let the village live; the foot is the core”

A happy conversion, for the former specialized educator, which allows him to continue to assess with friends on Sundays and to have taken control of the office with Cyril Ginisty. “Covid is hurting us a lot. Our association has lived well with two formations. Today, we are just doing one. We have just renewed the office, I was a manager for a little while already, it does not change much. I want the village to live; football is the core here. If there are no more football teams, there is no more attraction. The difficulty is to find licensees, especially since the town hall has done what was necessary by setting up lighting and watering for us.“, he enlightens.

Conceding in chorus the importance of this bond even more in the small villages, father and son remain faithful to their values, to their colors. “I try to give back to the foot everything it gave me. I want the pleasure of friends. I’m attached to it all. I am also happy that Greg who lives in the village has taken over the presidency with his cousin. It gives a real identity “, sends the father, joined by the son. “ I consider myself a villager, it is important to have elders who live in Saint-Julien in the office.” “I also know that I can count on my father to give me a hand when needed. The club must live to perpetuate the social link of our campaigns“, finished the almost quadra which, after a rupture of the ligaments and two years of inactivity, put on the crampons… for the village.

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