Football: full card of the Var in a friendly match this Saturday

Toulon-Cannes 1-0

Already well in place, Sporting Toulon copiously dominated (3-1) AS Cannes, quickly overtaken, this Saturday in a friendly at Bon-Rencontre. By the way, he has even already amazed his supporters.

Apart from the first five minutes attached, there were no photos. Already in very good physical shape, despite results according to the players, Toulon (National 2) enforced the hierarchy (3-1) against Cannes (N3), forced to retreat in their half of the field.

Goals: L’Ghoul (10, 36), S. Diallo (66) for Toulon. Djabour (58) for Cannes.

Hyeres – Le Cannet 6-1

Hyères 83 football continues to impress in pre-season. The 6-1 happened this Saturday at La Londe in Cannet-Rocheville (N3) attests to this. Even if, against a great team, the Hyérois made the difference in the second half (1-1 at the break). And for good reason, the enlarged workforce allows the coach, Karim Masmoudi, to field two very competitive “elevens”. A bit like against Aubagne (2-1) a fortnight ago.

The efficiency was terrible, with five shots and five goals in the second half. And the executives, in particular Yohan Mollo and Marvin Martin, responded present.

Goals for Hyères: Assef (5), N’Diaye (63), Khaled (65, 70 sp), Baana Jaba (73), Perotto (85).

Andrezieux – Etoile FC 0-1

Three days after winning Le Puy (above), Fréjus/Saint-Raphaël dominated Andrézieux. Photo Sebastien Ricou / Le Puy Foot 43.

The Fréjus/Saint-Raphaël players concluded their pre-season stage at Chambon-sur-Lignon with another victory on Saturday evening. Three days after going to beat Le Puy (2-0), a club promoted to National, they won 1-0 on the lawn of Andrézieux-Bouthéon (N2). Two more away victories in this preparation, which will end next Saturday on the ground of the Nice reserve (N3).

But: Mayela (49).


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