FOOTBALL: Immediate rebound expected for Amiens SC (b)

Two weeks after a stoppage in Valenciennes, the reserve of Amiens SC welcomes a solid piece, Marcq, to ​​start again immediately.

Since an inaugural victory against Lambres, theAmiens CS (b) worked in cycles. First of all three consecutive defeatsthen a sequence of three victories. Suffice to say that coming out of a defeat on the last day of the championship, two weeks ago, the men ofAntoine Bouron will hope to put an end to this habit of seeing series follow each other.

But it will be necessary, to avoid this, to get rid of a strong opponent. In effect, third last season and long in the struggle for the rise, Mark is perceived again as a candidate for accession. And if its current ranking, tied with the Amiens, does not symbolize it that much, it is also that the Northerners have two games late. But with 4 wins for 2 lossesthe start of the season remains rather satisfactory, especially since the Marcquois were not defeated only by the teams at the top of the table.

This raises a question in relation to the current trend for CSA (b). Because the regularity of the cycles of results of the Samarians is partly explained by the calendar. The real constant is above all prevail against opponents within reach – all matches against opponents from 6th place onwards have been won – and to have to lean against big cars of the championship – there are defeats against the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. Therefore, it remains to be seen in which category is Marcq, 7th, but with the 3rd point average regular game. What the result of this Saturday also determined in part.

One thing is certain, on the other hand, it is theopposition of style which is announced between the 4th best attack and the best defense, on the one hand, and between the 3rd worst defense and the 9th attack, on the other hand.

National 3, 9th day
Saturday 26 November, 5.30 p.m., Annex of the Licorne stadium: Amiens SC (b) (8th, 12 pts) – Olympique Marcquois (7th, 12 pts)

Morgan Chaumier
Photo credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports
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