Football: in the Coupe d’Occitanie, Asfac passes and FC Sète II stumbles

The 32nd finals of the Coupe d’Occitanie ended with a mixed record. The two clubs of Thau started as favorites, only one qualified.

For FC Sète II, the opponent of the day, well ranked in pool B of R2, made the match he needed, on a more than difficult ground. For Imad Talbi, the series continues: “We miss a penalty, we offer three goals and the squad is too small. Suspended, injured, a valiant team opposite, all the ingredients were there for a poor performance”.

A half-time to adapt

Regarding Asfac who played at Ille-sur-Têt against FC Vinça, it had not escaped Greg Tanagro that it was this same opponent who had taken out Saint-Estève in the previous round. It is true that the favorite of Pool B of R1 was, at that time, more worrying by the Coupe de France.

A reshuffled team, for lack of efficiency, will have taken half time to take the measure of the opponent. Hakim Moussi, Joris Delport then Adrian Borredon put an end to the doubts of the staff. Reassured, the latter will be able to look into the room of Béziers this Saturday.

There are still 32 clubs in the Region still in the race for the next round, which will take place on January 29, 2023. Until then, the Muscatiers will have time to meditate.

Trèbes (R2) / FC Sète II (R1) 3-1,
Vinca (D1) / Asfac (R1) 0-3.

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