Football: in the Thau basin, the old ones are much better at home

This Wednesday, November 23, the district drew the Hérault Cup in the “veteran” category.

The Bassin de Thau retained six teams for these round of 16, fate decided that two derbies would be part of it.

Thus the Mirevalais will play with the Pointus and FC Sète will cross the pond to visit Loupian. The Balarucois at home adopted the Biterrois from FC Occitanie, the second team from Pointe-Courte welcoming at the same time its counterpart from Thongue and Libron.

Apart from the two confrontations between neighbors, all the other representatives of Thau will have home advantage. A significant advantage in this category, especially at the start of winter…

The meetings take place on December 16.

Note a poster between Alignan and Agde which will leave a big team on the sidelines.

Pointe-Courte Sète 3 / FC Thongue and Libron,
Pointe-Courte Sète 4 / AS Mireval,
Loupian-Bouzigues / FC Sete,
Saint Balarucois / FC Occitanie.

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