Football: Le Grau-du-Roi eliminates Stade Saint-Africain from the Coupe d’Occitanie

Faced with technically superior Gardois who evolve a division above, the Stadium could not do anything despite a good performance.

In the 32nd finals of the Occitanie Cup, the flag team of Stade Saint-Affricain (SSA I) was beaten at home on Saturday by the Gardois of the Sporting Emulation of Grau-du-Roi (3-1).

In the league, the latter evolve at a level above the Stadium. “From the start of the match, Grau-du-Roi, technically superior to the Saint-Affricains, scored very quickly in the first ten minutes, notes Nicolas Ramondenc, one of the sports leaders of the SSA. The visitors monopolized the ball and scored two more goals in the first half hour.”

Indeed, with a fluid and fast game forward, the Gardois undermine the Saint-Affricain collective. “The yellow and blue don’t let go and on a good action, Alex Cammas fires a shot that ends in the goal, comments Alexandre Birot, the SSA coach. Faced with a superior opponent with experienced players, we hang on to reach half-time with the score of 3-1 “.

The Disappointed Captain

In the second half, after a tactical change, the SSA I returned with good intentions. “We offer a pleasant game and several situations where we deserved to score this second goal. It would have allowed to put madness in the match”, emphasizes Alexandre Birot. But the score is no longer changing and Grau-du-Roi qualifies for the round of 16. “Despite the defeat, I still have a positive feeling from this game, underlines the coach of the Stadium. My players have given everything and we can be satisfied with the content offered. Of course, we will have to correct our mistakes in the future to avoid being penalized so easily against opponents of this level. Now it’s time for the championship and work during training.”

In the voice of Morgan Solier, the captain of the SSA, there was a bit of disappointment: “We take goals on details, on blocks, set pieces and movements. Without a ball bouncing off the post, we could have come back to 2-3. We will have shown a good image, but it doesn’t not enough.”

For Grégory Mézy, president of ES Grau-du-Roi, “ It’s a good game against a good team from Saint-Affrique who improved our difficulties especially in the second half.”

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