Football (Ligue 2): for its return to Hainaut, Valenciennes wants to rekindle the flame

Last season, in Hainaut, the VAFC struggled well, with only 5 wins on the clock (for 5 draws and 9 defeats). Despite their serious match in Bordeaux last Saturday, the Red and Whites know they are expected. But the desire to move forward dominates.

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As for the groups of supporters, the draw in Bordeaux (0-0) did not calm the enthusiasm. On social networks, it continues to cut. This VA worried. It will demoralize. Because he would not be strong enough to compete, not ambitious enough in his recruitment, not popular enough in his pricing policy, not enough if, not enough that… In Valenciennes, in fact, it tirelessly dwells on the same evils. Because emotions are lacking, pride is lacking, Ligue 1 is lacking.

Aware that Hainaut needs certainties and an extra soul, Nicolas Rabuel, promoted to chief this season, does not put pressure on himself. His playground is football. And it is in this area that he intends to provide answers. In the field. Through play and nothing but play.

By making his lair a fortress? ” It is the will of all the teams, that, replies coach Rabuel. We all want it to be tough for the opponents.
He wants action, above all. And to encourage his players to somehow rush down this path of redemption, which he knows they are all capable of taking, he therefore continued to throw his little pebbles throughout the week. As he has done since the start of the season.

mental exertion

We are in this idea of ​​moving forward, he details. Move forward to recover the ball, move forward in the use of the ball when you have it. And above all to move forward in taking individual initiatives where there, I know that there are still some under the sole.
“In Bordeaux, where his group has”
gained confidence in his athletic potential

and reassured himself about his defensive solidity, VA had situations. ” But we often missed a meter or two to endanger the opponent. “To transform desire into opportunity, ” we must therefore be even more committed in the offensive aspect, to go towards the goal and to be able to score.

For the technician, things are quite simple, in the end. ” I repeated it to the players, it’s up to us to light the fuse so that everyone follows us.

If we feel this individual will in everyone, to want to move forward a little more, then collectively it will move forward. And the stadium will move forward because the stadium must be with us. But the flame will come from us!


VALENCIENNES – LE HAVRE, this Saturday at 7 p.m., at the Hainaut stadium. Arbitration by Mr. Perreau Niel, assisted by MM. Durand and Larhant. VALENCIENNES: Larsonneur; Linguet, Debuchy (cap.), Cuffaut, Lecœuche; Kaba, Masson; Hamache, Boutoutaou, Ayite; Cap. Trainer: Nicolas Rabuel. Choose from: Sy; Vandenabeele, Innocenti, Rabuel, Picouleau, Martin, Diliberto, El Amri; Zinga. Absent: Noubissi (recovery). LE HAVRE: Desmas; Kumbedi, Sangante, Lloris, Operi; Richardson, Lekhal, Ba; Mahmoud, Thiare, Alioui. Coach: Luka Elsner. Choose from: Gorgelin; El Hajjam, Moussadek, Kechta, Kitala, Casimir, Wam, Ngoura. Absent: Cornette, Diallo, Wahib, Mnemba (injured).

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Football (Ligue 2): for its return to Hainaut, Valenciennes wants to rekindle the flame

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