Football/Ligue 2. From National 2 to Ligue 2, Gaby Jean knew how to force her destiny

In life, there are sometimes opportunities that should not be missed. In the foot, even more. Gaby Jean knows it as well as everyone. This summer he had one. And a beautiful one. Participating in the resumption of FC Annecy by a certain Jean-Philippe Nallet, freshly promoted to Ligue 2 and who had just enlisted his teammate from Louhannais Clément Billemaz.

Proven preparation, atypical course

“At the end of the season in Louhans, Jean-Philippe and Fred (Jay) told me that I would resume with Annecy on June 17. I had already planned my holidays with Théo (Barbet) and Axel (Thoumin) but the return was scheduled for the 16th. It was a good thing and it was a golden opportunity”, recounts Gaby Jean.

The kind that doesn’t show up twice. Under the orders of Laurent Guyot, the former Louhannais defender does the athletic preparation. And friendlies. A time held back, the option of a return to Louhans quickly took the lead in the wing. “It was a…

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