Football: Mikel Arteta’s surprising training method


SoccerMikel Arteta’s surprising training method

A documentary shows the originality of Mikel Arteta as he prepares Arsenal players for a Premier League clash.

Mikel Arteta had more ideas.


Mikel Arteta is one of those young coaches who have been made aware of tactics during their playing career or their training on the benches. Game ideas, these men have their blackboards full of them. But when it comes to the question of managing a group of footballers – the most important thing in the coaching profession – there is no ready-made method. So the Arsenal boss is getting creative.

The scene was revealed in the documentary All or nothing, within due we can follow the 2021/2022 season of the Gunners, relentlessly tracked by the cameras of Prime Video. Before the match against Liverpool, Arteta made his proteges practice on the soundtrack of the Reds supporters, the legendary You will never walk alone.

The reason ? A bad experience experienced by Arteta when he was still a player. “Once at Anfield, the game was going well and explained, I only saw red shirts around me and the game was passing over me. I couldn’t react. Emotionally, physically, I can’t handle it. Everything was going too fast. I have only had this feeling once in my career, and it was at Anfield,” recalls the former Everton midfielder.

Nice try but…

So, in order to prevent his players from losing their footing in the atmosphere instigated by the Liverpuldian Kop, Granit Xhaka’s coach turned up the volume in training. Ingenious, of course, but Arsenal was still run over by Jürgen Klopp’s troops at Anfield (4-0). Enough to give Liverpool supporters room for at least a few months…


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