Football: Nîmes Olympique is no further ahead after its defeat in a friendly match against Toulouse

The Crocos, who had opened the scoring, were logically beaten 2-1 this Friday, September 23 by the TFC. The 4-4-2 set up by Nicolas Usaï was not conclusive.

After their friendly match lost this Friday, September 23 in Toulouse, with two new goals conceded, Nîmes Olympique may not be further advanced.
A week before receiving Paris FC, a graduate of “capital city” by Nicolas Usaï, the croco technical staff had abandoned the 3-5-2 for a 4-4-2 which had been worked on all week at La Bastide. The result did not live up to expectations and hopes…

We did not use the corridors enough, we lacked accuracy and control

“I was not convinced by the organization put in place”, in any case admitted the Nîmes coach at the end of the meeting. In this system, the offensive expression of Crocos was more than limited. They barely created a handful of chances. “We did not use the corridors enough, we lacked accuracy and controlanalyzed by Nicolas Usaï. In stalls or set-ups, we have too often been countered while with our backs to the game, we must have easier solutions so as not to lose the ball on side passes.
On a lawn which slowed the ball down, the Nîmes, facing a TFC which only lined up two L1 holders at kick-off (Spierings and Rouault), tried to start from behind but they had the greatest difficulty in achieve this and overtake their own half of the pitch. “The Toulousans came out quickly on us, it was complicatedé, explained Durand de Gevigney. We should have used more depth because there was room behind them.”

Inspiration from Pagis

Nîmes did not score on a constructed action but on an inspiration from Pagis. From about forty meters, after a loss of the Toulouse ball, he saw that Haug, advanced, was off center with respect to the cages and his perfectly executed shot, halfway up, hit the mark (0-1, 7th). “Once again, we lead and we don’t win”a late Nicolas Usaï.

Second balls badly negotiated

“Wait and see on the second balloons” (de Gevigney), the Crocos who, defending quite low, had been rather solid in the first period and rarely worried despite the territorial domination of the TFC, were caught and overtaken in ten minutes in the heart of the second act. A blocked shot from Begraoui was first taken over by Flemmings in the deserted cage, Maraval being caught on the wrong foot (1-1, 62nd). On a corner from Birmancevic, then Onaiwu’s header hit the crossbar and Zodehougan was the quickest to send the ball to the back, still with his head (2-1, 69th).

“Do more against Paris FC”

“It’s always the same, it’s a problem of efficiency in both surfaces”recalled Usaï before concluding: “There is work! Afterwards, whatever the organization, we will have to do more against Paris FC.”

Toulouse (L1) – Nimes (L2): 2-1 (0-1).
Annex of the Stadium. Half time: 0-1. Referee: Mr. Souiffi.
Goals for Toulouse: Flemmings (61st), Zodehougan (69th).
But for Nîmes: Pagis (7th).
Warning in Toulouse: Zodehougan (77th).
Warning in Nîmes: Vargas (70th).
TOULOUSE: Haug – Keben, Rouault (Zodehougan, 46th), Wasbauer, Zanden – Spierings (R. Touzghar, 46th), Tsingaras (Ramade, 61st), Begraoui – Flemmings (Zuliani, 70th), Onaiwu, Birmancevic.

NÎMES: Dias (Maraval, 46th) – Vargas, Djiga (Burner, 84th), de Gevigney (Ueda, 46th), Burner (Sadzoute, 46th; Guessoum, 75th) – Labonne (Delpech, 46th), N’Guessan (Fomba, 46th), Thomasen (Labonne, 75th), Saïd-Pagis (Omarsson, 46th), Tchokounté (Pagis, 75th).

Echoes of the Crocos

OCCASIONS Crocodile occasions were rare. In the first period, apart from the goal from Pagis, there was only one pivot shot from Saïd, too crossed, to report (40th). In the second half, Tchokounté narrowly missed the resumption of a cross from Saïd (53rd), Omarsson failed to serve back this same Tchokounté (56th) and Delpech’s left shot was too soft to worry Haug (58th).

RESCUES In the first period, Dias made a double save in front of Onaiwu and Zanden, from Gevigney, in the continuity of the action, returning from the head, on his line, a shot from Tsinganas (24th). In the second half, it was Maraval who made a superb parade, deploying to divert a header from Zodehougan (76th).

DJIGA The Burkinabe defender played 84 minutes for his first game with the Crocos. Lacking rhythm, he finished with cramps. We were “satisfied” with his performance: “Before thinking about revealing the balls, I had asked him to focus on the defensive aspect, the duels, and he responded. »

SADZUT He only played for half an hour. Sadzoute had to leave the pitch due to hamstring pain. After a weekend of rest (resumption for all Monday at 10 a.m.), the point will be made on his injury. “It’s not terrible. I hope he won’t have to go for exams”, a loose Usai. If this were to be the case, it could mean a package for the arrival of the PFC.

BENRAHOU Recently operated on for pubalgia, Benrahou joined the Medical Stadium on Monday, September 26, a health center based in Mérignac where he should stay between three and four weeks. On his program, care, physiotherapy and rehabilitation at first then re-athletics in a second.

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