Football: Paolo Teixeira on familiar ground

Saturday September 24 (6 p.m.), the current player-coach of Réquista (R3) challenges his former formation of Luc-Primaube (R2) during the fourth round of the Coupe de France. A team he knows well since he coached it from 2015 to 2019.

Beyond the charm of its beautiful stories and its resounding exploits, Dame Coupe can also offer reunions, unexpected for some. And this was the case for the fourth round draw, offering Paolo Teixeira the happiness of returning to the Primaubois stadium, he who held the dreams of the pennant team in R1 for four seasons. Even flirting with a rise in N3 (2017-2018) before experiencing a more difficult end, punctuated by relegation the following season. Signing the end of the story with the yellows and the greens.

“These are only good memories. When I arrived, old people left and I had a generation of new players, many of whom have remained historically, notably Lebreil, Roda. Then Vaysse, Camilleri, Rigaud, Renaud who left later it was a big generationhe assures. The fact of not being mounted, it was finally difficult afterwards. It was a big turning point for the club. While having a very good season, we lost the very good players too. It left me bitter sportingly, for the club. The players had given everything to maintain themselves.”

“I kept a lot of ties”

End of the chapter and rest for the one who had already successfully trained the Portuguese from Rodez, Sévérac-le-Château then Luc-la-Primaube. Two seasons to breathe before finding the desire and… a former club, Réquista, where he had had a good time as a player. “Victor and Xavier (Lacan and Julia) came to pick me up, it was the year of the centenary and more. I had played two years there, I knew I would come back, I owed them something”, says Teixeira. The beginning of a new adventure at a much lower level, the formation segalie evolving in D1.

Result: a rise in R3 and the consecration in the Aveyron cup last May. The technician of Portuguese origin performs once again while raising the studs brilliantly. “It restores the image. I want the players to have fun and then we will see over the matches”, he shouts. Before going back to the draw: “It makes me happy on several points, because it’s not far away, it’s a derby and because it’s a club in which I have kept a lot of ties and sympathy. And above all because it’s going be a top game.”

Even if Franco Vignola’s players remain favorites because they play a division above and they receive, the Réquistanais coach does not give up trying to achieve a feat. “I expect a good football match. The Coupe de France must be a goal, it’s the pleasure of the players but it’s also the image of a club.” And to know if he had information on his former club, he did not want to reveal details: “I always have information”he laughs without spilling out.

The program for the fourth round of the Coupe de France in Aveyron

Saturday September 24

onet (N3) – Saint-Alban Aucamville (R1)…..5 p.m.

Luc Primaube (R2)- Requista (R3)…..6 p.m.

Sources Aveyron (R2) – Mende (R1)…..6 p.m.

Levezou (D1) – Colomiers (N3)…..20 hours

Earl (R2) – Balma (N3)…..20 hours

West Aveyron (D1) – Biars Bretenoux (R1)…..20 hours

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