Football – Pau FC: Batisse, a captain on the way back

Operated on September 2 for a rupture…

Operated on September 2 for a ligament rupture in his right knee which occurred during training on August 25, the Pau FC centurion (129 games played) headed for the European Sports Rehabilitation Center (CERS) in Capbreton for a three week stay. In full rehabilitation, Batisse did not want a vacation. Those, largely deserved by physical trainer Pierre Lamugue and physiotherapist Florian Pannetier, therefore encouraged him to go and work for three weeks in the Landes, as his teammates Jovan Nisic, Steeve Beusnard, Alexandre Olliero, Djibril did last year. Dianassy…

First steps, November 14. “Until now, I had done all my recovery and rehabilitation at Pau FC. But then, there would have been no one left at the club and I wanted to stay in a real rhythm… Capbreton, it was the opportunity to take advantage of equipment that we don’t have at the club and to change the environment even if I love Pierre (Lamugue) and Flo (Pannetier)”, smiles Batisse.

The editorial staff advises you

The editorial staff advises you

“It’s a jail!” »

He wanted to work, he is served: the Cers is more like a commando course than a thalassotherapy. “It’s a prison”, Laughs the Palois. “We go to coal, life is efficient with very precise schedules, we are not allowed to go out. » Breakfast at 7am, dinner at 6.45pm. In the meantime, three working sessions decided by the Cers teams who have carte blanche. On the menu with his working group where he rubs shoulders with a hopeful from the Section and a young man from Dijon: rehabilitation, muscle strengthening, cardio. Ideal for the convalescent that it is but frustrating for the football fanatic who can only watch World Cup matches in sequence. “I finish the day KO At night, I sleep very well”.

In this environment, he is preparing his objective: “To come back before the end of the season. “But before having obtained the green light to resume the race, Antoine Batisse refrains from setting a precise date for his return to the game. “As long as we have not run, it is difficult to plan . I have to go step by step: use, hit the ball, train with the group…” Highly anticipated moments but a frustration contained in the one who will nevertheless miss a 32nd final of the Coupe de France against a League club 1, Montpellier after missing matches against Bordeaux and Paris through suspension in 2020.

“Eager to come back”

“That year was tough. There, I am focused on my return and simply happy for my teammates with whom I have shared everything since my injury except that I am not on the pitch. I am with them, I talk, I give my opinion. There, they have a good challenge to face. For me, sincerely the morale is good, ”says Batisse.

Especially since he can be inspired by the flamboyant start to the season of his teammate Steeve Beusnard who overcame two ligament ruptures in one knee. “It reassures me to see her evaluated at this level,” he said of his official adviser. Definitely, don’t talk about holidays to Antoine Batisse: “I’m in a hurry to come back”.

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