Football: reactions after the heavy defeat of Rodez (3-0) against Bordeaux

After the 3-0 defeat against the Girondins de Bordeaux, some Raf players gave their first impressions in the mixed zone. The two coaches and Bradley Danger went to a press conference.

Captain Rémy Boissier also reacts to the departure of central defender, Adilson Malanda, to the United States u2b07ufe0f

– Aveyron Sports Press Center (@PresseSports) August 6, 2022

Peyrelade: “We put our opponents in confidence very quickly”

After the meeting, Laurent Peyrelade, Bradley Danger and David Guion went to a press conference to take stock of this second day of league 2.

Laurent Peyrelade (Rodez coach):

“When you play good teams, you have to be able to make the match last, that was not the case. We put our opponents in confidence very quickly. We were not very good this evening. Bordeaux youth are better than Ruthenian youth, but we knew that before.”

Bradley Danger (Rodez midfielder):

“I’m frustrated, pissed off. We worked on a game plan that we didn’t manage to put in place. By giving up a goal in the 4th minute, we shot ourselves in the foot. Especially against a team that likes to have possession.”

David Guion (Bordeaux coach):

“It’s a satisfaction to open your victory counter, what’s more with a formidable team at home. It’s difficult to win here, we did it very well, especially in the first half. With a young squad, being able to have that character on the outside is a good thing.”

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