Football referees return to Saint-Paulien

Saint-Paulien hosted the mandatory preparation day for football referees in Haute-Loire.

Around his team, the president of the referees commission Stéphane Pouzols presented the agenda. Pascal Pezaire, mandated by the president Raymond Fournel taken by other obligations, transmitted the support of the District to the referees.

Under the leadership of Dominique Cuoq, the morning was devoted to physical tests, which the 60 or so referees, young and senior present, absolutely must pass in order to validate the refereeing in their category. For absentees, excused or referees less fit that day, a catch-up stage is scheduled for Sunday morning October 16th.

At the end of the morning, Stéphane Surrel, president of the UNAF, took the floor and recalled the essential role of this association before rewarding with a trophy the major referees by category as well as some volunteers distributed in football for many years.

After the lunch break taken on the spot, the president of the CDA took stock of the delivered season, before Roland Guinand, also a member of the steering committee, came to inform the referees about the instructions for validating the medical file. Then, Stéphane Pouzols was to discuss the necessary and essential administrative duties concerning arbitration, then Dominique Cuoq presented the new laws of the game.

Work groups were then organized on analyzes of game actions from videos with the development of a match report. The floor then returns to the referees wishing to have some additional information to start the season well. The closure of the internship intervened with the individual signature of a code of ethics.


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