Football: Rodez bows against Bordeaux for the first of the season at Paul-Lignon

Rodez missed their return to Paul-Lignon against Bordeaux, losing 3-0. Laurent Peyrelade’s team spent two-thirds of the game at 10.

That was complicated. For their return home for the first time this season, Raf failed to find the solution against much better Girondins.

From the fourth minute of play, Rodez conceded a goal from Ignatenko. There is still a better way to get into a match. Especially since ten minutes later, rebelote. This time, it was Bakwa who managed to deceive Sébastien Cibois: 2-0.

To make matters worse in the situation, already very complex, Pierre Bardy, who returned to the eleven following the departure of Malanda in the United States, received a second yellow card in the 37th minute for an anti game foul . Red card.

Despite a better second period, the Raf conceded a third goal from De Lima in the dying seconds of the game. The addition is salty.

Rodez will have to resume next week, on the lawn of Nîmes.

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