Football – Rodez: departure from Peyrelade, behind the scenes of a black Tuesday

“The only two people who know are Laurent and me, period! Because we saw each other at my request. The tone is heavy. The serious intonation. It may have been a fortnight exactly that an interview between President Murat and coach Peyrelade got the better of the future at Rodez Aveyron football of the second, this Tuesday at the Paul-Lignon stadium, Pierre-Olivier Murat did not feign his pain.

That of having had to separate “from a coach but also from a friend”. A relationship so ambivalent that he did not even recommend explaining this strong choice. “He is someone I respect enormously, I still have him on the phone regularly, he can always count on me in the future. So what we said to each other, I’m not going to unpack it in the media. »

Remaining silent in front of the insistence of the journalists present at a conference leaving all the same the club of a total silence on the subject. A long silence “perfectly assumed and organized” and even “paying” for Murat, in view of the two matches won by the interim Darbelet since. The president conceding only: “If there had not been this truce for the World Cup, certainly, my thinking would have been different. »

Because separating from his technicians during the season, he hates that. And, moreover, according to our information, a plan B was not even on the table that Tuesday, that Black Tuesday, between noon and two, when the two men formalized the divorce. A few minutes earlier, in a training session, Peyrelade had made an appointment with his men in the afternoon for the rest of an exercise. Continuation that will never occur, to the great surprise of many internally. “Thirty minutes after our discussion, all the players were aware and knew how the next fortnight was going to be,” attributed Murat despite everything. Afternoon session canceled. And shortly before 6 p.m., we met “LP” at the Château de Vabre, packing his bags. Letting go of a statement heavy with meaning, making it look like a stormy outing: “They think that’s how the end of an adventure should be, but no. It is not like that. »

Bowling until 2 a.m.

Finally, the two men met a few hours later for a dinner which would last until 2 am, at the Rouergue bowling alley. History of purging certain tensions between a coach remaining on 5 victories in 35 Ligue 2 matches and a president who “would not have been a business manager (if he) had not discussed with him”. Also between two friends, two companions almost forced to part ways.

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