Football: six recruits come to reinforce the workforce of the Ruthénoises for their return to D1

Monday, August 1, the day the Ruthénoises resumed training, six new players joined the strapped and gold ranks, including two former club members.

The reinforcements are there. Monday, August 1, the Rafettes resumed training in Vabre. And six new players have joined the Ruthenian squad, while the bloods and or will return to D1 on the weekend of September 10 and 11, three years after leaving.

Two former Ruthenoises back

“The objective of the off-season was to improve quality, to homogenize the group to strengthen competition. And today we are at six arrivals, which allows us to fulfill the objective”, assures Mathieu Rufié, the coach. Among the recruits, presenting two former Ruthenians: Solène Barbance (Dijon, D1), a club figure who was trained at Druelle and wore the Raf jersey from 2005 to 2009, then from 2015 to 2017. And Chloé Bornes (Saint- Etienne, D1), passed through Rodez between 2015 and 2017.

Three other new Ruthénoises also played in D1 last season: Mylaine Tarrieu (Dijon), Inès Barrier (Dijon) and Maud Antoine (Saint-Etienne). Finally, Laurène Martin is from Orléans (D2).

So many reinforcements, and experience, on which the workforce can rely to take the step towards D1. “We are a group of 22 players with Téa Cayzac (recovering), with six new and fifteen who were already at the club”says the technician.

Four departures

On the departure side, Amélie Devaux and Louise Cid had already announced their departure to the Albi-Marssac club. “Flavie Grocq is no longer in the group but remains at the club. Maëlys Cubaynes left for Comtal. Laura Riquelme has joined Oviedo. And that’s it. Téa Cayzac remains in the group but she is recovering, she has just operate cruciate ligamentshe adds.

The D1 calendar should be out this week. In the meantime, the Rafettes will play their first friendly match in Clermont-l’Hérault against Marseille, Saturday August 13th.

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