Football: the championship starts well in Sud Astarac, in Panassac

7 weeks of training later, it was the departmental championship that came to rest on the Panassac Grillon, last Sunday, with the receptions of the reserves of Mauvezin for the II and of Fleurance for the pennant team. And it had been months since the club had known such an afternoon with 2 wins at 14, goals, enthusiasm and a lot of fun to be together.

In opening, Reserve, a clever mix of youth and experience and above all full of talent, won 4 goals to 1 with achievements from Joffrey Hazard, full of control, Fabi Cheyres, with sparkling legs, and a double from Yanis Desbarax. What a start to the senior adventure for the latter in the league, which rewards the training of the young people of the cartel.

The championship of the i-team begins however rather badly with an opener of the Fleurantine score from the 4th minute. But this team exudes character and intends to improve this day with a success. Also, Micka Dubosc drops his free kick on the head of the tonic Jeff Suspène, who equalizes. In the second period, after Benji Reyes made decisive saves, Micka Dubosc escaped, took advantage of the error of the excellent Lomagnol goalkeeper and, full of composure, equalized. Shortly after, Hugo Jantal instant unty that Yannick Dubarry, an exercise specialist, transforms to give a definitive lead to a group which will have deployed the necessary energy to win 3 goals to 1.

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