Football: the conversations between the referee and the VAR broadcast in England?

The Premier League, the English football championship, wants to broadcast conversations between referees and their video assistants after matches this season, the British press revealed on Tuesday.

Premier League leaders have said they are broadcasting conversations between referees and VAR after every game this season. If, for the moment, it is only a plan proposed by Richard Masters, president of the English championship, the idea is supported by many people.

The objective of this dissemination is to provide transparency to the decisions taken by the central referee.

“There is a general opinion that broadcasting audio is a good thing. There is a desire to be more open with the fans about the referees’ decision award and how precisely we do that we need to work,” Richard Masters told The Times.

Note that this practice already takes place in the United States in MLS (Major League Soccer).

In France, the FFF (French Football Federation) is in favor of this idea, which has yet to be validated by the IFAB (International Council of Association Football).

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