Football: the first group of US Orléans without Ibrahim Sangaré, on the start

First game of US Orléans in National, this Friday August 12 (7:30 p.m.) and therefore first choice for Xavier Collin, the coach, who revealed the composition of his group, this Thursday, after the last workout.

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The only surprise is Ibrahim Sangare who does not appear in the list of seventeen players who took the road to Brittany, this Thursday, at the start of the afternoon. For good reason: “he is about to leave”said Xavier Collin when the Orleans striker still had a year on his contract.

Sangaré will not be replaced

“We had given him the possibility of being able to leave in the off-season if he wished. It almost happened. There, he had a new proposal and as we had opened the door, we did not see ourselves blocking it”, explains the Orleans coach.

Ibrahim Sangare took the direction of Le Puy which also applies in National. The USO will not replace it. “We had six attackers, which is a lot for a club like ours. Five is good, especially since Oumar (Gassama), who has the same profile, has prepared well.”

Three other players did not know in the group but there, it was expected since Steve Solvet finished his rehabilitation, Adrien Pagerie heals a tear and Johanne Akassou completes his rehabilitation.

Manage impatience

For this first match, Xavier Collin expects great adversity. “We know that Concarneau is a complicated place to express yourself against a team that likes possession”.

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The Orleans coach must also manage the impatience of his troops after five weeks of preparation. “We feel a more concentrated group, with a little more pressure, doubt too. It’s a mixture of feelings that must be managed. But we are also preparing for that. And this desire in training, you have to find it on the pitch in Concarneau.”

The group
Vincent Viot, Theo Vermot.
Defenders. Stone Mambo, Brandon Agounon, Nicolas Saint-Ruf, Jimmy Halby-Touré, Clément Akpa, Modibo Camara.
Environments. Ousseynou Ndiaye, Loïc Goujon, Ahmad Allée, Grégory Berthier, Liamine Mokdad.
Forwards. Adrian Dabasse, Kevin Fortuné, Esteban Lepaul, Oumar Gassama.

Patrick Paumier


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