Football: the Réquistanais Victor Lacan remembers the young Lloris

The current goalkeeper and president of the US Réquista, Victor Lacan, worked alongside the emblematic goalkeeper and captain of the French team, Hugo Lloris, in Nice during the 2004-05 season.

It is a link of eighteen years back that Victor Lacan makes when evoking, for us, his only season in the club of the Côte d’Azur within the training center. “I had just spent two years at the Castelmaurou pole and I signed in Nice for a season to be evaluated with the 16-year-old Nationals. Hugo was with the 18 year olds, remembers the Réquistanais. I was able to share specific goalkeepers with him and when I was not with the 16, I went up to play the second goalkeeper with the 18. In a few games, I was his substitute. This is where I discovered it.“The Niçois is already promised a great future with the reds and blacks. He is programmed to become the future goalkeeper for the pros.”He was already training with the professionals and was the 4th bulwark of the workforce. He made all the French youth teams. Besides, he was the city kid. It was written and legit“, adds the one who today occupies the double function of goalkeeper and president among other reds and blacks.

“Already a real leader in the field, very composed, very professional”

And even if Lloris was only at the dawn of a great career, all the lights were green for the captain of the Blues to quickly cross the landings without losing his head: “He made no noise. Hugo was already a real leader in the field, very calm, very professional. Everyone knew he would go far. He was a very well-mannered boy, very polite, always smiling. Afterwards, we were only partners.”

Lacan will not last forever with the Aiglons at the end of the season because not retained, while Lloris will continue his progression at great speed and the career that we know him, today at Tottenham. The Aveyronnais will bounce back for a season at Colomiers with the 18-year-old Nationals, before returning home. “Lloris really deserves the great career he had. But I remain convinced that his reserved side with the media did not give him the visibility he would have deserved to sign for a European top 5 club.

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