Football: these 10 stupidest injuries in history

In football, there are many injuries, especially the most unlikely ones. Here are the top 10 dumbest in history.

Philippe Mexès and the UV session

In November 2013, Philippe Mexès, while playing at AC Milan, treated himself to a tanning session in a UV cabin. Except that the central defender, international tricolor, stays there a little too long and will end up with an inflammation of the eye. He will be forfeited for a few games.

Santiago Canizares and perfume

A few weeks before the 2002 World Cup, Santiago Canizares, Spain’s number 1 goalkeeper, was injured trying to catch a bottle of perfume he had just dropped. The doorman from Valence with peroxidized hair, will cut a tendon in his foot and will be forfeited for the World Cup.

Martin Palermo and the billboard

On November 29, 2001, in the middle of a meeting, Martin Palermo managed to injure himself on his own. After a goal scored with Villarreal, the Argentinian striker jumps over the billboards to signal with his supporters. Except that the fans, too excited, will drop a section of the stand on the striker’s shin. Result, open fracture, he will miss the 2002 World Cup.

Lionel Letizi and Scrabble

Then PSG goalkeeper, Lionel Letizi freezes his back in December 2002. Nothing unusual so far, except that the injury occurred when picking up a Scrabble piece during a game with Laurent Leroy and Jérôme Alonzo , on the eve of a match in Rennes.

Grégory Coupet and the shelf

Grégory Coupet, emblematic goalkeeper of Lyon, was injured in 2006 while climbing shelves. The international goalkeeper had seven stitches after a board fell on his hand. No missed World Cup but a derby against Saint-Etienne.

Younousse Sankharé and implants

Younousse Sankharé, then player of the Girondins de Bordeaux, found himself absent from the field for three games in 2019, “after a private medical intervention – beard implants – which led to complications and fever”, had explained Sud Ouest .

Romain Hamouma and the punching bag

On the occasion of the birthday of his teammate in Saint-Etienne Wahbi Khazri, Romain Hamouma tries the punching bag and blesses himself on the wrist. It will be a rupture of the ligament.

Julien Escudé and the dog

When he was to join Manchester United in 2002, Julien Escudé saw his dream shattered by a sprained knee contracted when he tripped over his dog.

Darren Barnard and dog urine

In 1999, Darren Barnard ruptured his cruciate ligaments when he slipped on a puddle of urine left by his puppy, Zak, in the middle of the kitchen.

Rio Ferdinand and the coffee table

Rio Ferdinand, then a Leeds defender, ended up with a tendon distension and two weeks out. The reason ? He had put his legs on the coffee table and hadn’t moved for several hours. When he got up, he felt a big pain behind his knee.

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