Football – Warm-up match. The Stade de Reims reserve wins against that of Paris FC

The Stade de Reims Pro 2 group is continuing its preparation for the resumption of National 2 on Saturday August 20 at home against Besançon (6 p.m.). Things obviously still have to be worked on by then, but the Reims collective will undoubtedly have enough to do well this season in the league. The victory acquired, and more broadly the copy made this Saturday, August 6 against the reserve of Paris FC (4-3), attesting to this.

“A good warm-up match against a good opposition”

However, it was the Ile-de-France team, which had members of the Ligue 2 squad in its ranks, which opened the scoring practically in the wake of the kick-off. “It’s hard to get into the game and I think this but wakes us up and makes us feel good, said Franck Chalençon afterwards. I thought it was a really good warm-up match, there was rhythm, against very good opposition. I really liked our first half, in terms of our defensive animation, the intensity that we put on this aspect, with also good things offensively. »

Berisha first scorer in Reims

Valon Berisha, midfielder, first allowed the Rémois to pick up, well served by Thérence Koudou (1-1) “at the end of a beautiful collective movement”, emphasizes the Marnais coach. Another good streak about the second Reims achievement, signed Bryan Beaumont (2-1). In front of the break by a single length despite other scoring opportunities during this first act, the Rémois then found themselves behind, conceding two but almost in quick succession, including a penalty (2-3). “Then, we got back to our bearings and we ended well”, added Franck Chalençon, who saw his men put the right ingredients in the balance to clinch victory, thanks to goals from Yaya Dukuly and William Bénard (4-3).

“The players had canes”

Two weeks before the start of the N2, the Marne coach also noted that his players were starting to be there athletically. “We are coming to the end of the preparation and, for the first time, I found that the players had juice, canes. We feel that the preparation is starting to be digested and is bearing fruit. Anyway, the GPS data does not lie. We find values ​​that we must have, which have practically doubled compared to our last two games, especially at the level of high-intensity courses. »

Against Saint-Quentin on Saturday August 13

Bad news is however to be noted, with the injury of Valentin Atangana which occurred at the end of the second period (visibly affected in the knee). “We hope it won’t be too serious.” The Rémois will have a last preparation match to play this Saturday August 13 (6 p.m.) at the Raymond-Kopa life center. It will be against Olympique Saint-Quentin, whom they will find this season in Pool B of National 2. A final dress rehearsal before the start of serious things.


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