Football: weekend of victories for FC Vignoble

the essential
4 wins with team I 3-1 against US Castres, team II 3-2 against JS Castres, the U19s 1-0 against US Autan and the U15s in the Occitanie cup.

This weekend marked the start of the championship for the two senior teams and the U19s.

In seniors, against US Castres, the pennant team had a very good 1st half to lead 3-0 after 30 minutes of play thanks to goals signed Julien Baubil and Gaël Paineau who after scoring a goal t a “Madjer” backheel offered a double on penalty. Certainly shaken by coach Saddaoui at half-time, the Castres reacted during the 2nd act and they managed to come back to 3-1 following a free kick. The score did not move despite some good situations on both sides, a logical and interesting victory in the content which starts the season well. For its part, Team II moved to JS Castres and once the time to adapt to the synthetic pitch had passed, the Vignoblo residents opened the scoring through one of the rookies, Abubacarr Tourray. A few moments later, it’s Mathis Girot who adds a 2nd but before the locals broadcast the score. During the second half, Yoann Conte scored a 3rd but, final victory 3 to 2.

Among young people, the U19 opened hostilities at 4 p.m. in Couffouleux by claiming the US Autan. Despite clear domination throughout the game, it was not until the 80th min. to open the scoring by Basile Devaux. The score should have been heavier but too much technical waste… In the end, a logical 1-0 victory, physical and technical work to be done to do well against the big teams. The U15 I team qualifies for the Occitanie Cup in Saint-Juéry on penalties following a 0-0 draw.

This weekend makes way for the Occitanie Cup for seniors and U19s with two big pieces on the program, the two U15 teams, the U17 team II will open their home championship while the senior women will start with a derby in Gaillac .

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