Football World Cup: in Narbonne, the craze will wait

While the Blues’ first match in Qatar will be held this Tuesday, November 22 at 8 p.m., the enthusiasm linked to this type of planetary event is not yet topical, as evidenced by the low sales of goodies in specialized stores.

But where have the supporters of the Blues gone? The World Cup in Qatar started on November 20. At each edition, many of them flock to the goodies to support the players of the France team. Tricolor wig, trumpet, balloons, confetti, make-up and clothing in honor of the tricolor team are not yet successful.

But this year, the enthusiasm around the competition is not present. In stores, sellers noticed that the products were not leaving. “We put them up for sale two weeks ago but not many people came to buy them”emphasizes Morgane, saleswoman in a Narbonnais store.

The accessories to follow the matches of the Blues have arrived in the stores, but for the time being, they have not been taken by storm by the supporters.

She adds : “For the moment, we have mainly seen the footballs leave quickly. It is an object that can be used everywhere and even outside the framework of the World Cup. Customers are not interested in goodies to support our crew.” At least not yet. If the French team passes the first round, the interest in these goods could change: “In 2018, nobody bought our products during the group stage. The situation changed during the final stages after the match against Argentina. There, customers started to be interested in it.”

Less interest than in 1998

In the goodies department, there are balloons or even clothes, the stock is very full. Virginie and Ilham are in front, they are looking at what is there but for the moment they have no intention of buying anything. “We will wait, I remember that in 1998, there was a real interest but since much less.”

The craze for the goodies will wait but the supporters will be in front of their televisions to encourage the Blues, on Tuesday November 22 at 8 p.m.

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