Football World Cup in Qatar: he was carrying Tramadol and hashish in his luggage, first drug seizure since the start of the competition

Customs at Hamad International Airport in Doha made their first drug seizure during the FIFA World Cup, including 1,990 pills of the powerful painkiller Tramadol, Qatari authorities said on Monday.

The rich Gulf gas emirate, very strict against drug trafficking and consumption, has been hosting the first World Cup organized in the Middle East since this Sunday, more than a million visitors expected until the final on December 18. “Customs at Hamad International Airport foiled traffic in Tramadol and hashish”, the General Customs Authority announced on Twitter. One of the customs officers at Doha airport “suspected the passenger’s luggage, therefore inspected it and found 1,990 Tramadol pills and 464.5 grams of hashish”the organization said.

Sorrows of Lourdes

The passenger concerned, about whom no information has been revealed, must be presented before the public prosecutor, assured AFP a Qatari official, who requested anonymity. Penalties in Qatar for possession, use or trafficking of drugs are very severe, including long prison terms, heavy fines and expulsion from the territory for foreigners.

Powerful painkiller, Tramadol, a synthetic opiate, can lead to strong dependence. He is particularly involved in the opiate crisis that is shaking the United States, where overdoses have claimed more than half a million lives in 20 years.

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