Football World Cup

Damien Bonnave, coach of La Brède FC (R1)

Romain Laborie, coach of La Brède FC B (R3)

Romain Laborie, coach of La Brède FC B (R3)

Pierrick Landais, coach of Patronage Bazadais (R3)

Pierrick Landais, coach of Patronage Bazadais (R3)

Franck Sarrelabout.

Franck Sarrelabout.

Photos Bernard Mugica

Tuesday, November 22, at 8 p.m., the French football team (1), holder of the trophy, will play in Al Wakrah, Qatar, its first match of the 2022 World Cup against Australia. “Sud-Ouest” has asked ten coaches from the south of Girondins to find out their forecasts and the interest – or not – that they are competent to reserve for this event.

Coaches requested: Damien Bonnave (La Brède FC, R1), Ludovic Dubuc (SC Cadaujac, R3), Jean-Marie Dutreuil (FCG B, R3), Jean Frauciel (FC Pays Aurossais, R3), Romain Laborie (La Brède FC B, R3) , Pierrick Landais (Patronage Bazadais, R3), Laurent Marquezane (Stade Saint-Médardais, R1), Sébastien Navarri (FC des Graves B, R1), Hossein Nkanza (FC du Langonnais, R1), Franck Sarrelabout (assistant SAM, R1) .

Do you believe the Blues capable of retaining their title? Why ?

comics I dare to believe it but it will certainly be difficult for them despite their enormous attacking power. There are many – perhaps too many – detrimental absences which will force the Blues to find new balances in midfield and in defense.

LD Absolutely, despite very strong competition, I believe the Blues capable of winning a third title. My little fear is the midfield which I find a little limited for a competition of this caliber, but we consider very big individuals in attack who can make the difference at any time.

J.-MD I sincerely hope so but unfortunately I’m afraid not! The numerous injuries, the doubts, the turnover of recent months should have an impact on the performance of the Blues. That said, the foot is not an exact science and that’s good!

J.F. The World Cup in Qatar is an aberration! For very personal reasons and/or convictions, I will not grant any interest in this competition.

RL Yes I hope. We are exceptionally equipped offensively. If we quickly manage to solve our worrying defensive problems and harmonize the midfield, we give the best chance of snagging a third star.

PL Why not, everything is possible in football, but the latest statistics do not plead in our favor. The potential exists, it remains to refine the settings to obtain the essential efficiency in this type of tournament. That said, if we don’t believe in it, we have to stay at home!

ML I think France has the potential to play for the title. Despite the packages of Pogba and Kanté, the Blues have many experienced players. Around them, could be expressed young people, very talented, who distinguish themselves in the best European clubs. Didier Deschamps is perfectly capable of federating the whole to draw the quintessence, I am rather confident!

NS France are among the main favourites. However, there are quite a few uncertainties regarding the recently injured players. Will they have recovered well, will they be at a sufficient level of fitness? Offensively there is a lot of quality. All that remains is to obtain good defensive stability and improve the complementarity of the midfield.

HN France has a talented team, strong individually and collectively. Despite the known detrimental absences, I believe she is capable of retaining her title. Didier Deschamps will adapt and extract the best from his group.

FS All the winds seem against and no country has managed to retain its title for half a century: it was Brazil in 1962! The cascade of injuries that has accumulated in recent weeks leads to great uncertainty. The youngsters have great potential but lack experience at this level of competition.

The particular context of this tournament, the unusual period, the controversies… do they dampen your enthusiasm for this event?

comics This Mondial will not have, for me, the same flavor as the previous ones mainly for reasons of temporality. I’m working, we have matches to prepare and play during this period, so I will be less available to follow this competition. Qatar will have all the cameras in the world trained on him, this can be an opportunity to have things assessed.

LD It was in 2012, when Qatar was chosen, that we should have been offended in the light of everything we already knew! Those who called for a boycott today were very discreet ten years ago. I will watch the matches… in front of a raclette which will replace barbecue evenings!

J.-MD It’s too late to dwell on the choice of Qatar! I will watch the games with the eyes of a football fan. Indicate ! Did the tourists who visited the pyramids wonder whether there had been any human losses during their construction? Maybe, but not sure!

J.F. I won’t watch any games! This World Cup and the choices that made it before stink of corruption! I have deep values, a total respect for the human condition which prohibit me from endorsing – in any way whatsoever – this meeting.

RL The context is not idyllic but we should have thought about it and, above all, acted before! Regarding the period perhaps, mid-season, the players will approach this competition with more physical and mental freshness than in the spring?

PL It will be a special World Cup indeed. I will watch the matches of the French team as a priority. For many others, it will therefore be more complicated given the broadcast schedules.

LM. All football matches interest me, even more when it comes to the World Cup! The issues, environmental and human, do not leave me insensitive, but they are not all, solely, concentrated on Qatar. We meet many others, sometimes near us!

NS It’s still a World Cup! The matches will have the same interest even if the period is not ideal. Many players, in high demand since August, thought they would show up blunted. There is more risk of injury. It is not impossible that this World Cup in November-December will impact the rest of the national championships and continental cups.

HN Despite all that we can hear regularly, football enthusiasts will be in front of their screens! Personally, I maintain an intact enthusiasm for this competition which will take place every four years, even if, for this edition, the amateur championships will continue concurrently… which will complicate things!

FS I am a football fan, I do not mix everything. Undoubtedly, in various ways, there is cause to be moved but he should have taken care of it long before. As for the Winter Olympics in Saudi Arabia, so many choices dictated by the power of money! If I miss games, it will be mainly because of their schedules.

Your predictions for the title and the final podium?

comics France, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands and Argentina.

LD I have two favourites: France and Brazil.

J.-MD I strongly believe that the trophy will return to a country in South America. My favorite is Argentina, which is making a strong impression, then Brazil and a European country for second and third place.

J.F. Italy or Algeria (sic)!

RL France, my favorite at heart, then Brazil, Argentina for Messi’s last World Cup, Spain, Belgium, Germany. I don’t believe in a surprise team in a tournament of this level.

PL Today, my trifecta is France, Brazil, Spain. The qualifying matches will shed more light on the identity of the most serious title contenders.

ML My podium is France, Argentina, Brazil. I hope it will be in that order!

NS The future winner will certainly belong to the quintet Brazil, Argentina, France, Spain, Germany. There may be an African surprise with Senegal for example.

HN My three favorites are France, Brazil and Argentina who have been very impressive in recent months.

FS My heart says France, reason leans more towards Brazil, Argentina and Spain.

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