for Brice Ferrer, “we must not doubt who we are! »

This poster will bring the Isérois cauldron back to a boil, as Brice Ferrer points out, on 2e ou 3e dacquois line has become unavoidable, this match will be a test in the new dynamics of the Landes: “We are going to meet an undefeated team, which has won twice away from home in three games. It says something about the potential and realism of this group. Bourgoin relies on a big conquest and a very efficient defense, endowed with an enormous capacity to contest the balls on the ground. These points are markers of their state of mind. »

A linking role

But the Dacquois do not travel to “Berjallie” as expiatory victims. “We also have arguments. We know their strengths, but we won’t doubt ours! The work with our new staff is clear. Each of them has their role and this allows us to work calmly, to erase the waste in our offensive and defensive performances, to work on the alternation in the forms of play and to reinforce the complementarity between the lines. »

The Spanish international embodies the principles he enumerates well. Very prominent in 8 in this role of binder, he does not hesitate, as in Nice and as this Saturday evening in Bourgoin, to go up a notch, at the request of the staff, to offer tactical opportunities to his coaches. “It always seems a bit cliché to say it, but honestly, the important thing for me is to play, whatever the position. »

Positive energy…

There is always a risk of slacking off when a formation moves unpressured into an in-form team, especially in a hostile environment like Rajon. But men can also believe in the opposite phenomenon which makes these matches unique and terribly exciting to play. “We have nothing to lose by cooling down undefeated in second place. But in the life of a team, in the history of a group, you have to know how to feed off the energy generated by this type of event and make it positive. »

Without being decisive, the result of the Dacquois will certainly bring new lessons for the rest of the season, before a weekend of rest to come.

Burgundy (2e/12 pts) – Dax US (3e/12 pts), this Saturday September 24 at the Pierre-Rajon stadium, at 6.30 p.m. Referee: Mr. Carrillo (Occitanie).

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