for Lysa Mathieu, life is good, especially on the left wing

To the left to the right

After a first year U18 within the Périgord Sud-Ouest agreement, Lysa Mathieu, in the process, joined the hope pole of Saint-Junien and signed in Rochechouart. She thus completed her last hopeful season there before moving to N2 and N3 and then joining the D2 group last year (23 games, 18 goals). “In addition to meeting great people, I was able to taste professionalism,” she continues. The D2 is very demanding, we have no room for error. Left winger by training, the now ex-Fire Panther had to adapt to the right side. “I was forced to redouble my efforts to meet the requirements of this championship. »

If she can “help out from time to time” on the right, Lysa Mathieu has returned to her favorite position in the offseason. “It was nice to arrive in such a young team. I was well associated with Jane (Le Nozach) and Alice (Pichot), the other newcomers, and really appreciated the physical preparation with Maëva (Arrieta). This is an area that we did not really know at Rochechouart. “Lysa wanted to revive in order to get more playing time than at ROC-ASSJ, recalls Mickaël Moreno. She has real skills: she projects herself quickly into the great outdoors, has a good one-on-one duel and her defense is quite correct. It must continue to progress on these different ranges of filming in order to be even more efficient”, adds the technician. “I am working to offer more different shooting zones. Her friends, who have become adversaries, can see this.

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