Former Paris League referee accused of rigging grades for sexual favors

According to the media Josimar, through the French journalist Romain Molina, a former observer of the referees of the Paris-Ile-de-France League is targeted by accusations of rigging notes against sexual favors.

The revelations about French football continue. Two weeks ago, the magazine So Foot published an investigation into dysfunctions within the FFF, including cases of sexual harassment and alcohol problems. If the Ministry of Sports launched an audit mission to investigate this subject, new chilling testimonies were released a few hours later.

In the Josimar media, the independent journalist Romain Molina also published this Wednesday new information on the underside of French football.

An observer of the Paris League referees implicated

This Wednesday, the Norwegian media publishes new testimonies on a former observer of referees from the Paris-Ile-de-France League, Daniel Galletti, accused by the media of sexual singing and sexual harassment of minors, promising young referees a promotion in exchange for favors.

“He carefully chose the referees he could try to train in his game, indicates a victim. If you took the bait, he began to offer you things. As a referee, you want to referee great games. For that, you need good grades. Galletti could give us good grades and recommendations to go higher. But it was under conditions.”

Dismissed from his post last July, the man would have made sexual proposals to young referees by messages. Screenshots of these unsavory exchanges are revealed by the media. Galletti would thus have offered one of them, “a bran… or nothing”, before asking him if he “wanted to get s…”, even showing himself ready to pay for a fellatio, up to 1,000 euros.

No direct link with the FFF

At the FFF, it is indicated that no minor was involved in this affair and that this referee was a volunteer. He therefore had no contractual relationship with the Federation. The League of Paris dismissed him from his position because of his desire to rig notes in favor of another referee within the framework of privileged relations. No complaint would also have been filed.

In addition, the Paris League warned the CFA, the Federal Referees Commission, of the behavior of Galletti who was also dismissed from his duties as referee observers with it.

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