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Align against Australia (4-1) on Tuesday, the right side of the French team Benjamin Pavard started this 2022 World Cup with the status of holder. But disappointing, the Bayern Munich player already finds himself under pressure from Jules Kound.

Benjamin Pavard under pressure from Jules Kound.

I think that to affect me, even on the ground. After the victory of the French team against Australia (4-1) on Tuesday at the 2022 World Cup, the right side Benjamin Pavard did not hide his sadness over his friend Lucas Hernandez, seriously blessed at the knee and forfeit for the entirety of this tournament.

A difficult moment for the former Lille, who actually made a particularly disappointing copy against the Australians.

Pavard at fault and in danger!

And even before the exit of his teammate, the Bayern Munich player made a big mistake in damage by winning Craig Goodwin completely alone at the far post on the action of the opener. Little impact in his climbs thereafter, Pavard continued to display large defensive gaps, the image of his intervention far too tender on the normal occasion of Jackson Irvine, with a header on the post, in the first period.

Not 4.5/10 by Maxifoot’s reaction (see Debrief and Notes here), the 26-year-old therefore embodied the big disappointment of this meeting for the Blues. And unsurprisingly, his performance did not dispel doubts about him internally. Already a little annoyed by the attitude of the Munich resident during the September rally, the tricolor staff is studying the idea of ​​replacing him with Jules Kound on the rest of this competition, according to information from the daily L’Equipe on Thursday.

Among the Blues, Kound did not convince right…

If the talent of FC Barcelona has achieved some interesting club performances in this position, he has not always convinced the Blues in this role. The usual central defender had even shown certain limits against Portugal (2-2) the Euro in June 2021. However, with the difficulties of Pavard, Kound may deserve a new test. In any case, it is of a hypothesis on the table and the French coach Didier Deschamps will have to decide…

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