Everything smiled on Italy, Sunday on the volleyball courts. In addition to the Women’s Nations League, the Transalpins have won the Euro U18 and U22, each time to the detriment of the France team. In Tarnow (in Poland), the U22 squad often tied with the Azzurri before losing in four deleted sets (1-3: 26-24, 23-25, 22-25, 21-25).

A gala Magalini

Thanks to the efficiency of the duo formed by Hilir Henno (20 points), European U17 champion in 2019 and Ibrahim Lawani (22 points), Stéphane Sapinart’s Blues first overturned a badly embarked first set in their favor ( 17-22). After a good passage from Lawani in service, the son of Hubert Henno punctuated the French comeback (26-24).

Confused, the Italians again played to scare each other in the second set (from 19-22 to 22-23), but Giulio Magalini’s teammates (26 points) contained the return of the Blues. The sharp transalpine put the cover back in the third set to detach his country at 24-21 before a last round controlled by Italy.


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