franceinfo junior. Children’s questions about tennis champion Roger Federer

Tennis player Roger Federer has just announced the end of his professional career. This is the topic of the day on franceinfo junior. Franceinfo journalist Fabrice Abgrall answers children’s questions.

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On Friday, September 23, Roger Federer will begin the last tournament of his career by participating in the Laver Cup championship, in London, United Kingdom. The Swiss player announced last week that he has retired. To answer children’s questions: Fabrice Abgrall, sports journalist at franceinfo, tennis specialist. It responds to schoolchildren in Noumea in New Caledonia.

At the microphone of the show, Nino asks the first question on the subject: “Why did he retire?” Clément takes over and asks a question about the player’s life: “Where and when was he born ?” Marius and Elisa are interested in his beginnings: “How did he start tennis? When did he start his career?” Elisa then questions the specialist on the number of trophies won by the Swiss champion. Sophia wants to know how many matches the player has played.

On this page, re-listen in full to this franceinfo junior program dedicated to Roger Federer.

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