French Open: Antoine Rozner feels “a little something extra”

For his first European tournament on the Albatross, the Racingman (-7 in total) starts the weekend in a good position. And confident.

Offered in Saint-Quentin en Yvelines,

Trained on the La Boulie course near Versailles (78), Antoine Rozner is at home on the Golf National course. He obviously knows the Albatross like the back of his hand, even if he is competing there this year for the first Open de France.

Is your first French Open going as you hoped?

Antoine ROZNER: There were good and bad things today. However, these first two days remain very positive. I feel good, in my place. I don’t really feel like this is my first French Open. I must say that I know the route by heart. There are no surprises there. I think I managed the pressure and the expectations rather well. I have been doing very good things for two months, I have to continue like this. I only missed one green today on hole 11 and I was only five feet away…

How did you experience this 2nd day in the part of Rasmus Hoojgaard (-15 in total), who was again on cloud nine?

In fact, today there were two versions. The first on the first nine holes from 10 to 18, where I felt my putts weren’t falling. We were exactly the same and he beat me all at once. It was a little frustrating. And then, on the last nine holes, I returned several putts which made me feel good. And afterwards, I stayed in my game. On this course, things can turn very quickly. I wanted to stay focused on my game. There are still thirty-six holes, it’s very very long.

This is your first Open de France in contact with the French public, what does that inspire you?

It’s super pleasant. All my relatives are there: my parents, my friends, my partner… It’s nice to see everyone. There are also the members of La Boulie, people I have met since I was very young. It adds a little something extra. I had a great experience in Crans Montana with a lot of French people who supported me well. But, there, it is above. I simply feel at home.

Does that put a little extra pressure on you?

No, not due. I think you have to take it on the bright side. No matter what, people will be proud of me, good or bad. It’s really fun.


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