French Stadium-Toulon. Gonzalo Quesada on Christophe Dominici: “We see him every day”

Gonzalo Quesada paid a beautiful tribute to his ex-Parisian teammate Christophe Dominici, who died in 2020. (©Icon Sport)

After 3 weeks of international break, the Top 14 finally take service with in particular a big shock, this Saturday, November 26 (9:00 p.m.), between the French Stadium and Toulon. A very special meeting for the two clubs, because beyond counting for the 11e championship day also, it will inaugurate the 2e trophy edition Christopher Dominici. A glass trophy creates the last season in memory of the ex-winger of the XV of France, passed by Toulon and the French Stadium, who died suddenly on November 24, 2020.

Gonzalo Quesada: “We see it every day”

Before challenging Toulon on Saturday, the Stade Français coach, Gonzalo Quesada, a held to pay tribute to his ex-teammate and friend “Domi”. “He is present with us, for those who are inside the club, on many images in key places in our operation. We have a memory of him every day, we see him every day. For the Argentine technician, however, the context should not be the only concern of his team.

According to him, his proteges must also build on everything they have achieved since the start of the season. ” We do not want not overdo it and we don’t want to use that as a source of motivation. Our motivation must be linked to what we have accomplished this season, the importance of this match, the ability to progress in terms of our performance, even if it will be in a corner of our hearts, “insists Gonzalo Quesada, who feels that this would be more of a disservice than anyone else has chosen the image of “Domi”. “I think that to make tons on the subject, it would not be to respect it”.

Alex Arrate and Mickaël Ivaldi admiring in front of Christophe Dominici

On his Jean-Bouin lawn, the Parisians will intend to do honor to “Domi”, who wore the capital’s club jersey from 1997 to 2008. “I was little when I watched it on television”, recalls center Alex Arrate. “Domi was an emblematic figure of French rugby and especially of the Stade Français. Of course, he was very important to me and to all rugby fans. Saturday evening, we will have a big thought for him.

For his part, hooker Mickaël Ivaldi intends to pay tribute to Christophe Dominici as it should be, against his former team from Toulon. “Domi is a legend, so we will have to honor him. We think about it a lot, he’s a guy from the club, so it’s going to be a committed match and we’re going to have to respond. Because last season, it was the RCT that won the 1e edition of the Trophée Christophe-Dominici in the important (62-31) during the double confrontation: 38-5 in Mayol and 26-24 in Jean-Bouin.

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