Friendly – Germany U23 – France U23 LIVE

70th The rescue of Fofana! The French back up a bit and let the Germans combine on the right side. On a center back, Krauss is found six meters but the Chelsea defender throws himself to counter his shot.

68th The French got their hands on the game. Opposite, the Germans lack a solution and seem physically affected. We now have to stay focused for Sylvain Ripoll’s men.

64th Double change on each side. On the German side, Nmecha replaces Alidou and Khadra replaces Knauff. At Les Bleuets, Cherki and Kalimuendo enter respectively in place of Gnoumou and Rutter, a little behind this Friday.

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63rd Gouiri again! It is untenable at the start of the second period. He transplants in the axis, and his shot is countered for a corner.

59th The Fee! The Lorientais sends a heavy strike from 30 meters on a free kick which touches the German skylight. Atubolu seemed on the trajectory but it was superb.

57th Ouh Gouiri on the verge of offering a caviar to Ngoumou. The French are in a big highlight Rennais slips a judicious pass between the defenders, but a German foot removes the ball from the feet of his teammate at the last moment.

56th Spaces open up for the French and they get a new corner thanks to Rutter. It’s better hit but Bisseck is solid at the near post to get out the center of Le Fée.

52nd AMINE GOUIRI OPENS THE SCORE! The French have finally created a lag in the recovery thanks to Fofana. It starts from the right, and the left side tilt is perfectly executed. In the area, Gouiri fixed his defender and slipped a perfect roll into the small united net. 1-0 for the Blueberries!

51st Kraus! His shot is in the side netting. Originally, Moukoko obliterated Lukeba before impaling himself on Fofana. The French tangle their brushes and the ball returns to Krauss on the right side but his hard shot is wide.

48th Gouiri’s strike! The French are recovering! After a good cross from the left, they recover and stay high. The Rennais ends up hitting hard from the right by turning from outside the area, but it is above.

46th Bad start to halftime for the Blues. Caqueret is moved to the duel by Alidou then Moukoko approaches the surface too easily. Fortunately, Lukeba counters the Dortmund player’s strike.

46th It’s time for the second period!

7:03 p.m. It’s the break in Magdeburg! Serious game, too serious on the part of both teams. The quality of the game is therefore present, but the opportunities are very rare.

43rd The French have completely lost their game. Ngoumou is still found on the right side, but his center is not well adjusted. It came out in a corner. The Fairy does not raise its center enough and it is cleared easily.

40th The biggest chance of the match is German! The locals recover high, and Krauss is shifted to the right side. His low cross at the far post is excellent. Fortunately for the Bleuets, Kalulu throws himself to deflect the ball past Netz at close range. The German side against the Frenchman’s tackle, but the ball goes out. France was hot!

37th For the players, these matches are important to prepare for Euro Espoirs 2023 but also to show off. Camavinga’s return with Didier Deschamps’ men reminded us that there were places left for the World Cup, and that surprises are possible. Some Bleuets have a card to play.

Kalulu, Terrier, Camavinga: Our five surprises for Deschamps’ list in Qatar

32nd The match is very closed and sinks into a false rhythm. Neither team can find space.

29th Krauss strike! At 30 meters in the axis, the German midfielder puts the power, but he unscrews slightly and the ball passes quite wide.

28th Still only one shot on target in this match by Merlin. The two blocks remain compact.

25th Lukeba can thank Kalulu! Big mistake from the Lyonnais who lets Krauss steal the ball from him in the area on a deep pass. The center of the German came out through the French right side. There is ultimately going offside on recovery.

23rd Sequence of big duels on the left side. Merlin then The Fairy goes to the coal, and the latter ends up getting the fault. The free kick is too long and ends in touch.

22nd Another fault from Fofana on a slightly soft pass from Caqueret. Be careful not to rush on the blue side.

20th Both teams are present in the duels. Spaces are rare at the start of the match. Les Bleuets get their foot on the ball again after a few difficult minutes.

16th Fault this time from the Chelsea defender. He does not go into detail to stop Knauff’s ride on the left side. Good free kick for Germany, but Meslier imposes himself in the air to free.

14th No penalty, but it was fair! The Germans install a laundry and the French quickly spot the ball. Alidou transplants in the axis from the left side and is slightly pushed by Fofana in the area, but the referee does not flinch.

13th The free kick is easily released by the defense, but the Blues recover high. The French have been struggling to be dangerous on set pieces since the start of the match.

11th Rutter a free kick on the right thanks to his body play. The French have relied heavily on his back-to-goal play since the start of the match, and the duels with Bisseck are tough.

8th Merlin’s strike! The Nantais took advantage of the spaces to rush into the center and fire a powerful shot from the left which forced Atubolu into a good save on his right. The corner gives nothing.

6th Ouh Rutter’s backheel for Gouiri is a bit long and Atubolu barely grabs it in his area. Just before, Enzo Le Fée was in a striking position but he preferred to find his striker. Blueberries are in on it!

5th The French are present at the laundry but Germany ended up piercing the first French curtain. Thielmann

2nd Merlin launches Gouiri on the left side. The neo Rennais

1st Let’s go to Magdeburg! Gouiri shows up right away by stealing the ball on the left side, but he does not control Rutter’s delivery in the box. Germany emerges.

6:15 p.m. Hymns were sung. Kick-off is imminent. The teams observe a minute’s silence in honor of Uwe Seeler, the legendary Hamburg striker who died in July.

6:14 p.m. This Thursday, Olivier Giroud scored his 49th but with the A’s against Austria. What make it essential for the World Cup?

“Deschamps has no choice: he can’t do without Giroud”

6:10 p.m. The young Germans rated themselves 4-3-3.

The German composition: Atubolu – Beyer, Bisseck, Thiaw, Netz – Thielmann, Stiller, Krauss – Knauff, Moukoko, Alidou

6:02 p.m. With the massacre at the A, the Bleuets had to give up several of their elements to the group of Didier Deschamps. Sylvain Ripoll therefore appealed to new faces like Quentin Merlin, tenured on the left.

The XI of the Blues: Meslier – Kalulu, Fofana, Lukeba, Merlin – Caqueret, Koné – Ngoumou, The Fairy, Gouiri – Rutter

5:58 p.m. Big test this Friday for Sylvain Ripoll’s team which will come up against the reigning European champions.

5:55 p.m. Hello and welcome to all on to follow the friendly match between the France Espoirs team and Germany Espoirs in Magdeburg (Germany). The kick-off will be given at 6:15 p.m.

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