Friendly – Youth, sun and rugby: place to play between Rouen and Vannes!

It’s time to move on to concrete things for the Rouennais and the Vannetais, who will take advantage of this first friendly game to refine their road plan between now and the official resumption.

After several weeks spent toiling in the weight room or running from physical workshops to technical workshops, one of the first exciting moments of a rugby player’s season is looming: the reunion with the game and the challenge of a real match, against real opponents.

On Friday around 6 p.m., Rouennais and Vannetais therefore met on the lawn of the Mermoz stadium to share this first thrill. Nicolas Godignon, the Rouen manager, admits “ very happy to be on the pitch again” and is satisfied with the state of form in which he found his phalanx after the cut: “The boys were serious. Eighty percent of the workforce is offered at the physical level. And for the rest, it concerns latecomers for whom everything will be back to normal very quickly.“Friday’s game?

Nicolas Godignon integrates it into a more global preparation: “The meeting blends into our training loads for the week. It will allow us to carry out a first review of the workforce, to assess where we are in terms of our rugby but also and above all to refine the rest of our preparation.“Nicolas Godignon would like his club to take a real step this season, by being “more competitive, by continuing to progress and by sustaining itself at this level”.

Vannes, speech at the training center

Jean-Noël Spitzer, manager of Vannes, also on fire at the end of his crampons and is delighted to be back on the lawns. He is however well aware that he will probably not have to expect mountains and wonders from this first friendly match, “where it is often difficult to find continuity and quality in the game”, by his own admission. The meeting will especially allow him to put in situation the sixteen kids of the training center that the technician has decided to integrate into the professional group for the preparation of the start of the season.

A way for Spitzer to “maintain coaching intensity and triple all positionsin order to better manage the physique at the heart of this tested summer. Humility and work will be the watchwords of the Vannes season after a year ended in eleventh position. The manager expects his team to rediscover the main principles that made them the first Breton team to enter the professional world.

For this first trial run, Jean-Noël Spitzer will however have to do without the services of Nicolas Freitas and Francisco Gorrissen, both retained in the selection, Jo Edwards and Darren O’Shea, injured, as well as Maxime Lafage, who finished his season late with Bayonne and has an adapted recovery.

The groups

Rouen : Milhorat, Lydon, Marciniek, Surano, Masilevu, Gontineac, Delorme, Jackson, Luatua, Olender, Pourteau, Lézat, Campeggia, Costa, Maximin, Fofana, Burger, Mapapalangi, Vincent, Lelou, Vielledent, Kerry, Salmon, Astle, Malbert , Ma’afu, Lesueur, Bonnot, Clément, Nabeiro, Thomas, Jacquot, Boughanmi, Clamy-Edroux, Fournier.

Valves : Abendanon, Duplenne, Burgaud, Boulier, Béziat, Blanchard, Leafa, Bordelai, Kite, Tissandier, Afoa, Bessonart, Berguet, Baggiani, Chateau, Pedemarte, Nicolas, Percillier, Chazeau, Costosseque, Camou, Hulleu, Foloha, Tuataane, Luis , Stefford, Cornu, Cochard

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